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Optime | Seabreeze Brink (West of Wolf’s Peak) | Fore-dated: April 15th | cNPC: Mako

NPCs: Apollo, Whiskey

Board-wide Plot: The Strange Flora, detailed

Set after this thread. I’ll have Mako hold the horses (if anyone else brings one along) in my next post.

Owing to the nature of the plot and the timing involved, we are limiting the reply window to a 48 hour period -- if you are unable to reply during this time, you will be skipped.

Things had been…strange lately. The Loners that had come across their borders had brought strange and, understandably, unbelievable rumors with them. Their stories sounded like little more than fisherman tales in Teagan’s opinion. Overexaggerated, grossly so. Still, her father had saw it fit to investigate, and her uncle and aunt, Callum and Veyra, had been dispatched to the southwest to see if there was any truth to what had been said.

Teagan had thought little of it, that was, until her favorite uncle returned home…alone, and just as disoriented about what had happened as the Loners had been. Her aunt was dead. Gone. Had fallen to her death, and all because of some crazy notion of an idea.

Flowers. Giant flowers.

Iorek would have loved it, she thought disdainfully as she glanced over the group. If it weren’t for the recent death and mystery of it all, she was sure the flower-crowned feral might have fancied the thought of a giant version of his precious little flowers. As it were though, she wanted to doubt that he held any such positive feelings towards the rumored flora.

Her father had sent the five of them; her Auntie Grynn, Arlen, Mako, and Iorek, to investigate the mysterious circumstances further. Having lost his mate, it would have been cruel to send Callum back out. The group of Cavaliers had set out a couple days before, making the majority of the journey on horseback or by foot. They passed Wolf’s Peak, just as her uncle had said to, and, sure enough, in the far distance, Teagan could see the tall, alien-like lifeform of what looked to be a plant growing up from the edge of the cliffside.

“Guess we found it,” she growled, bringing Apollo to a halt. It took a firmer hand than usual to stop the horse…something that struck the Lionheart as…odd.

Mako came up beside her on Whiskey. He regarded the sight with caution. As amazing—and unbelievable—as it was to see such a fantasy-like tale from so far away, the dangers that had been entangled with its presence on the cliffside made him wary of thinking lightly about the strange plant.

Teagan flicked her cold gaze over the group as she urged Apollo forward. “Let’s get this over with.” They weren’t going to learn anything by standing so far away. “Keep your wits about you.”

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Teagan Stryder
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A tan and brown shape padded alongside the others. Smaller than he had ever been, the beast was in his feral shape, the first one. The shape he was in lacked the mane that his other forms had which meant little to no necklace chains in his fur. He was still thick-furred and had the build of a mastiff mixed with mountain dog breeds. He moved quicker, though he was still rather large for a canine. The bandages were still worn in this form though nothing else. The beast was also without the birds that normally accompanied him and only wore his four necklaces that were tied up too fit his neck, a few feathers, and a satchel.

Iorek would have been thrilled at the prospect of investigating giant flowers since he missed the flora that was absent during the winter months. But the death of a pack-mate, Callum’s mate, Verya had dampened his mood. All he knew was that the woman had fallen from the cliff and the flowers were involved. Giant flowers. The beast traveled with a group, Teagan, Grynn, Arlen, and Mako. He had been on foot for the entire journey though he had never shifted to this form until now. He was wary and didn't know if he would need to run or have to be saved. Either way, this form was the best, even though he didn't prefer this shape. The wolfdog's head was low as he was wary and maybe even a little self-conscious since he was new to this form.

The massive medic hadn't been in the form since he was a pup and newly-shifted. This form was faster though lacked the bulk and the hand-paws he was used to. It was foreign, seeing the world from roughly three and a half feet. The beast was also unaccustomed to being without his two bird companions and he was relatively unadorned. The male also hadn't been on an expedition as important as this before. The Lune had sent them out to assess this situation and the beast did not want to mess this up. He was obviously nervous and the feral nurse tried to show he wasn't.

The scarlet-eyed Sworn walked a bit away from the horses as he did not trust the creatures at all. That caused him to walk a bit ahead and to the side though the smaller form allowed him to move quicker for longer stretches of time. Though the beast did not like this form one bit. He couldn't wait until he could shift out of this form but he knew that it was better that he was smaller right now. He perked up a little as he saw the plants in the distance though they were odd to him and they just looked like really big sunflowers. The crimson-eyed Cavalier heard the Stryder woman and as they moved forward, he commented, Th-They l-look l-like b-big s-sunflowers.

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Lupus | Day | April 15th | Seabreeze Brink

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