[P] A unexpected meeting
Yvonne had decided to explore the other side of the river to the west. Normally she stayed to the north or east of the pack and rarely came to this area. Well...besides when she had first arrived, far before joining the Court. She had come from the west, but she had not exactly explored the whole area. There were a few reasons to come to this area instead, one was that it didn't hurt to know more areas. The other reason was that she had found signs of Barton going in this general direction. The hawk had been absent since Tora shifted, and now she was really getting worried for her feathered companion.

After finding some of his feathers, she had felt a little relieved and had resolved to go and try to find the hawk. It was harder to track a bird then something that walked on land, so she tried to hold on to hope that she would find him. Sniffing the air she was hoping to maybe at least find his scent. There was not MUCH hope that she could smell him, but she refused to grow too disheartened. At least the day was warmer than it had been of late, the land not quite giving in to the coming cold winter yet. Sure there was still that chill in the air that promised the coming snows, but it was not horrible.

Sighing lightly she continued on her way, looking to the ground for any other feathers that may have fallen. In the distance were some ruins, but she doubted her feathered friend would go there for anything. Turning away from the ruins she aimed for the highlands, though why a hawk would go this way, she was not sure. The highlands may have a good source of mice, vole, and other animals that made up the diet Barton had, but she didn't understand why he would come this far for food. Yvonne hunted enough that he should not need to, plus he had been gone too long for a simple hunting trip. Shaking her head she tried to shake away a growing dread that she may not be able to find the bird of prey at all.

A shift of wind had her halting and her eyes went wide for a moment. She had caught a scent that should not be here. Frowning she drew out her sling and moved again, this time to the scent. There was no reason she should smell it, at least not that seemed to make sense to her right now. As it got stronger she cursed the fact that the highlands were rather sparse when it came to cover. So she halted again and got her sling ready since it appeared the scent was coming right towards her. Her hair raised and she bared her teeth as the actual owner of the scent could be seen.

The coloring was correct, and a secondary movement had her looking to the sky. Barton! It looked like the hawk was leading the moving figure right towards Mistfell. Well, now more towards her. With disbelief still in her heart, she tucked her sling away, placing the stone she had readied back in a pouch tied to her shoulder strap. The figure was getting closer and there was no denying who it was now. "Mother!!" she moved, running towards the other female with a wide smile. It looked like the older female was alone, and the blonde female didn't even pause to wonder why. It had been so long since she had seen her mother.

Her mother paused to shift as they got closer to meeting, and by the time they were in the same space, the stocky and fury woman was on two legs. Yvonne practically tackled the older woman, embracing her with nearly all her strength. A familiar chuckle she never thought she would hear again sounded from above her, then she felt her mother's arms wrap around her in return. Closing her eyes she buried her head as much as she could into her mother's fur. She was really here. After a moment she felt her mother rub her back and she sighed happily.

For a few more moments that felt like forever, she allowed herself to stay like that. She may have even stayed for longer if not for a cry from Barton nearby. Pulling away from her mother, she let the hawk land, wondering just how long he had been flying for. Looking around, she still did not see her father, nor was his scent prevalent. "Where...is papa?" she met her mother's gaze, only to see a deep sadness there. Without even the words, she could tell he was not coming. That he would never come. "Oh...I am sorry mother. Is that why you come?" The older woman nodded and then kissed Yvonne's forehead. "I also wanted to see my little huntress. You have grown so much!"

A hand went to Yvonne's neck and rubbed at the scar there, sending a shiver through her body. The fur still had not grown back, and she didn't think it ever would. "Someone hurt you? I sorrow my angel." Yvonne smiled and shook her head "It's sorry mother. Sorry." After her mother smiled, she could swear the older female had spoken incorrectly on purpose. "The one who did it is dead, a friend...saved me." Her mother nodded and then looked towards the Vale. "Many over that way, is that where you live?" Yvonne nodded and her tail wagged "Da! Oh, you need to meet Dalia and..." and Tora. What would her mother think of her grandson?? "My son, Tora. He just shifted recently."

Surprise showed on her mother's face. "I have grandchild and you wait tell me?! Come we must go see him!!" The older woman then headed towards the pack and Yvonne couldn't help but laugh. Of course, her mother would only want to see him, and may not even ask what happened. Checking on Barton first to make sure he would be okay until they got to the pack, she then followed her mom in a much better mood than she had leaving the Vale earlier.

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