Character Adoption Survey II

Some may remember the last time I did this in 2012. It's time again~ This time, I've added a few questions, fixed the problematic questions of last time (e.g., questions which did not include personality ;___;). I'm just looking to gauge general opinions about the adoption process at 'Souls.

A few things, before you participate:
  • This is a personal project of Sie, not officially sponsored by the 'SA, Inferni, or anyone else. Sie is the only one with access to the survey responses.
  • I'm none too interested in fielding specific complaints about a specific grievance with particular adopters/adoptees/whatever. I don't mind if you use the survey to "vent" but please try to keep your responses helpful and generalized rather than "attacking" a bad situation in the past. :)
  • Responses may be published. Inflammatory comments, obviously not, but if you write some particularly poignant advice, the point is sharing, and your commentary may be publicized! :3 The primary spot of publication will be the Open Characters Guide on the Wiki. Responses which mention an adopter or player by name (excepting the answerer themselves) will be anonymized.
  • The survey is anonymous -- there's a space for your name, but it's totally optional. If your commentary is later published and you want to be credited by name, please mention it in the name space (if your commentary is published and you do NOT fill in the name space, I can't verify the comment is actually yours, and so it must remain uncredited/anonymous). Otherwise, I don't really care who you are! ;)
  • Be forewarned: there are about 30 questions, total. Half of the survey is for those seeking characters to adopt, and the second half (which is optional) is for those who are trying to adopt out a character. I suggest you sit down with 30-45 minutes to spare, if you're interested in taking the survey!

Any questions about the survey you want to ask before taking it, feel free to ask here. Enjoy. :3
RAZE. LOVES. SURVEYS. <3 Interested to hear new input on this topic!
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^^^ This. Although I did a horrible job filling it out, I had a lot of fun because surveys are always fun. I'm eager to see what you publish!

Aww, reading the guide made me realize something I forgot to mention in the survey, damn. xD
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Can always mention here, if you want! No reason there can't be discussion here, and if it happens to spiral off into its own specific topic, can always split. <3

Thanks for the responses already, my dudesss. :D
Responding was fun. :P
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16 responses so far! Thanks guys. :3
22 responses so far! Last time we had 30 total -- I'd love to get somewhere around there again!
I had a lot of fun filling it out! I probably failed at it, but it's the effort that counts! I think...
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29 replies! Bumping it up again. 83
Ooh, more people should reply, I love seeing the results! :D
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Bumping~ 31 replies is guuud but maybe more? :3

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