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Please use these where possible!

Request Forms

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For simplicity, please use the following forms when posting in this forum or Private Messaging the 'Souls Assemblage with a request. If we don't have a form listed here, you don't need to use one (e.g., character requests, etc.).

Puppy Request Form

For additional information, see Procedures > Puppies.
[b]Mother's Birthday:[/b]
[b]Father's Birthday:[/b]
[b]Points from:[/b] # (Parent), # (Parent)
[b]Litter is due:[/b]
Please note that there is no separate form to request a fourth/extra puppy point. Just note that you'd like to request the additional point, or that you'd need an additional point, when making a regular puppy request. Players cannot be evaluated for a fourth puppy point independent of a complete puppy request.

Preybot Request Form

For additional information, see Roleplay Information > NPCs > Preybot.
[b]Your Name:[/b]
[b]Describe Plotted Use for Preybot OR Link to Thread Requests Discussion:[/b]
[b]Names of Others Involved (if known):[/b]

Immunity Request Form

For additional information, see RP Guide > Luperci > Physiology > Immunity.
[b]Immunity type desired[/b]: Viral or genetic (cannot be both)
[b]IF GENETIC, I agree that my character's parents were not genetically immune[/b]: yes or no
[b]Neither of my character's parents were Luperci[/b]: yes or no
[b]I understand that this request is [i]permanent[/i] and cannot be revoked[/b]: yes or no

"Realism Check" Request Form

If you have an idea you aren't sure is feasible for 'Souls's setting, you can check officially with a Realism Check request. You don't absolutely have to use this form when making a realism request, but it is helpful if you do so. This is more or less to prompt you into putting the appropriate essential and foundational research into your realism requests.

For additional information, see RP Guide > 'Soulsverse > Realism.
[quote][b]What is your idea?[/b]
[i](Summarize your idea in a couple of sentences. Please no more than 500 words. List format is helpful.)[/i]

[b]Why would a canine do this?[/b]
[i](Keep in mind the wild, canine nature of Luperci - they are not as intelligent or naturally inquisitive as humans, and would be far more focused on surviving in a simple, easy way than coming up with elaborate plans.)[/i]

[b]Where did my character get this knowledge?[/b]
[i](If a skill is rare, it's unlikely that your character would happen across a master of that skill to teach them.  Books are a good resource, but keep in mind that many are damaged from weather and time; finding one that is in good shape is hard enough, much less one that a simple canine could understand!)[/i]

[b]Is it technologically possible for a Luperci to do this?[/b]
[i](The technological abilities of Luperci is roughly equivalent to those of cavemen in the Stone Age.  Remember that not everything can be scavenged, too - many man-made items, especially those of high complexity, have been completely ruined by weather and age.)[/i]

[i](Do you have any websites or research to back up your idea?)[/i][/quote]

Pack Formation

For additional information, see Pack Formation.

First Application

[list][*][b]Potential Pack Name[/b]:
[*][b]Basic Idea for Pack[/b]: (Describe in a succinct summary what you'd like to see out of this pack and your cultural expectations. It is OPTIONAL to include ALL information for your pack project, but if you have a Google doc, website, or other comprehensive information, feel free. The summaries are, however, required.)
[list] [*][b]What sets it apart from the current packs?[/b]:
[*][b]Rank ideas[/b]: (These don't have to be incredibly detailed; explain how the leadership will work and how they will interact with the members. Eg: democratic, authoritarian, council of elders, etc.)
[*][b]Pack customs and society[/b]: (Does your pack follow any certain traditions? Folklore? This need not be long either; just explain a bit about what makes it unique.)[/list]
[*][b]Potential Territory Claim[/b]: (please circle the area on the map and upload it -- do not resize the map!)
[*][b]Potential Leader(s)[/b]:
[*][b]Potential Members[/b]:[/list]

Second Application

[list][*][b]Pack Name[/b]:
[*][b]Primary Pack Color[/b]:
[*][b]Secondary Pack Color[/b]:
[*][b]Territory Claim[/b]: (please circle the area on the map and upload it)
[*][b]Territory Description[/b]: (less than 150 words)
[*][b]Required Formation Documentation[/b]:
[list][*][b]Ranks Information[/b]:
[*][b]Joining Policies[/b]:
[*][b]Culture and Pack Society[/b]:
[*][b]Seven Members[/b]:
[*][b]Links to IC Threads[/b]: (please list the participating characters)[/list]

Pack Finalization

[list][*][b]Pack OOC Account[/b]:
[*][b]Twitter Account[/b]:
[*][b]Wiki Page[/b]:
[*][b]Ranks Listing/Information Portal[/b]:
[*][b]Website Joining Information[/b]:
[*][b]Active Pack Summary Information[/b]: [/list]

Loner Group Formation

For additional information, see Loner Groups.
[b]Group Name:[/b] What is the name of your group?
[b]Purpose:[/b] Why did this group form?
[b]Location:[/b] Where is your group located?
[b]Contact Point(s):[/b] Who are the contact point(s) that will communicate with the 'SA, packs, and other groups on behalf of your group? (Maximum of two (2).)
[b]Members:[/b] Please include the players and characters that will be a part of this group, including all NPCs.
[b]Ranks:[/b] If your group has ranks, please include all ranks and what each character would be ranked upon group formation. Otherwise, group members will be "ranked" as their species, the same as unaffiliated Loners.
[b]13x13 icon:[/b] Size must include a 1px white outline.

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