02. Rules
'Souls Regulations


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Like anywhere else, there are rules to follow if you want to play at 'Souls. By joining the game, you agree to abide by these rules. Failure to do so can result in a variety of consequences, elaborated on in the Punishments section.

Rule infractions are dealt with by the administration; please contact a member of the 'Souls Assemblage if you feel there has been a violation of the rules.

Conduct and Courtesy

  1. Disrespect towards or harassment of any member of 'Souls will not be tolerated. Remember your manners; act maturely and respectfully. You are free to disagree, but if you can't say something kindly, don't say anything at all.
  2. You must be 18 years of age to register on the forum.
  3. Mature content is prohibited in character names, avatars, and signatures. 'Souls is rated PG-13, except in properly-marked mature threads. See our Mature Content Guidelines for further information.


  1. The minimum playable age for characters born on-board and adopted is two months. The minimum playable age for all other characters is seven months.
  2. Luperci must be of the genus Canis. See Species for a list of Luperci-capable species.
  3. Character appearances must be realistic. See Character Appearance for complete information.
  4. Character histories must be realistic.
  5. Character skillsets must be realistic.
  6. Character NPCs must be realistic.


  • Once accepted, new characters must make an in character post within five days.
  • Each character must make an IC post at least once every four (4) weeks. After roughly three (3) weeks of inactivity, the player is given a 7 day post-by deadline. If the member fails to reply to the message and/or does not make an IC post, the character is removed from the game. (Note: accounts are not deleted, so members are free to rejoin later).

Art & Graphics

  1. All artwork and photography must be credited, including work you made/took yourself! Please ensure that you have permission to use all materials made by others.
  2. Use of colored bases and template art is permitted as long as the original artist expressedly permits template use for roleplay and that original artist is credited. Do not assume any bases are free for use unless there is a statement from the artist saying so!
  3. Art theft -- i.e. claiming others' artwork as your own -- is a bannable offense. Please also see our stance on tracing, copying, and referencing photos and art.
  4. Avatars must depict your character -- e.g., a photo or drawing of them. Puppies not yet old enough to shift should not have avatars depicting a shifted form. Silly avatars are welcome, so long as they're still relevant to the character and of the correct species. This rule is waived annually on April 1st.
  5. Avatars and signatures must be PG-13. Imagery exceeding this rating may be included in individual threads as long as these threads are clearly marked in adherence to our Mature Content Guidelines.
  6. Tables and signatures should not stretch the board (on desktop view). The maximum height for signatures is 400 pixels.
  7. Adoptable pet site character clickables/etc are restricted to OOC account signatures and profiles. You may not have more than ten (10) total clickables from any adoptable pet website on any part of the board, including a maximum of five (5) in your forum signature, five (5) in your forum profile, and any individual topics.
  8. Animated images (GIF files) and text (marquees, blinking effects) may not be used in avatars or post tables. GIFs may be used in profiles and signatures, provided the animation is non-intrusive (e.g., not overly distracting), loops smoothly (e.g., not flashing, strobing, or looping at a high speed), and not excessive (e.g., 10+ animated banners in your signature).
  9. Embedded content is prohibited on the forum. This includes, but is not limited to, Flash or Javascript applets, other video content, and music players. You may link to such content, but you may not embed it.


  • In addition to the above game rules, 'Souls also has a list of Procedures for additional characters, changing characters, mateship, puppies, and other roleplay-related rules.

Warnings & Bans

  1. Warnings. A warning about a rule infraction will usually come via Private Message or, in rarer instances, by email. Most of the time, the 'Souls Assemblage will issue multiple warnings to those who violates the rules and work extensively with them to resolve issues and misunderstandings before resorting to a ban of any type.

    However, for some severe cases, bans may be instated without prior warning.
  2. Types of Bans.
    Regardless of which type of ban they are receiving, individuals will be banned, or suspended, for a set amount of time -- a week, a month, several months, a year. However, we have also banned members permanently. The length of a ban depends on the type of offense and the severity. For contest, OOC, and chat bans, members will be PM'd the details of and reasoning behind the ban, as well the date and time the ban expires. For full bans, members will be emailed. You may, of course, appeal to the administration if you wish to contest the ban.
  3. Warn-able and bannable offenses include, but are not limited to:

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