[CdC] July Newspost
<h1 class="header-1 border">[Image: cdc.gif]<font color="#98AFC7"> July Newspost</font></h1><div class="infotable">

<h3>July Plot</h3>
<img src="http://i.imgur.com/eaTsiRh.png" style="float:right; width:150px; margin:10px">
<p>For seasons mother nature has been the only enemy of Casa di Cavalieri, but with the return of summer something unsettling has come to the lands of Seabreeze Brink, causing unease among Casa members. Throughout July leaders will guide our Cavaliers through a four-part in character event. Each week a new section of the plot will be released with new interactions and information for our members. Throughout the plot members will have to make choices which have pre-determined and different results - just like a choose your own adventure book! </p>
<p>To help determine Casa's actions, and for weekly plot information updates, please see our plot newspost. Let it begin, muahaha.</p>

<h3>Horse Auction Winners</h3>
<p>The winners of the horses are as follows! There were three bets placed on Vito, so a randomizer was used to pick a winner!</p>
<p><b>Vito:</b> Remus Knight (+Arlen Stryder)!</p>
<p><b>Isaia:</b> Asuilaak (+Shtiya)!</p>
<p><b>Cinzia:</b> Aldora Knight!</p>
<p><b>Elda:</b> Veri Secanti!</p>
<p>All you lucky contestants are welcome to update the wiki with your new horses as you wish : )</p>

<h3>Calf Name Winners</h3>
[Image: OUpFM5X.png]
The winning cow calf name was: <b>Pippa</b>!
[Image: VqijXBk.png]
The winning bull calf name was: <b>Moomoo McMooface</b> (...Ya bunch of trolls...).
<p>ICly we will be assuming that Arlen Stryder, as the biggest fan of the cows, has come up with these names. Please feel free to reference him being the source. </p>

<h3>Cavalier of the Month - Rurik Ivanov (Rath)!</h3>
<p>Rurik has been an off and on member of Casa since he helped to found it in 2011. He always lightens up the mood and brings the party to the Cavaliers in an endearingly inappropriate way. In June Rurik finally made an honest woman of Veri Secanti by becoming her mate in a long awaited event. In real life Rath serves in the Navy, keeping his life interesting. Thank you for being such a proud Cavalier and thank you for your service. </p>


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