[SP] April Newspost
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<span title="Miracles do happen to those who believe!">April Newspost</span>

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<p>Phew~ It is finally here -- we all hope you like what goodies we have for you and would like to thank everyone for their patience whilst we worked on things (and broke them), haha! As always, if you have any questions about new content or if something looks off, poke a leader to let us know Smile

<p>So yes! This month we've got a fair few new goodies rolling out for you, so please have a read and enjoy the new content!

<p>Additionally, we'd like to give a shout out to the helpers who have been helping leaders out this month with various things: Myst, Vida and Nina, you all rock ♥♥ For all of the help you've given us, we're awarding you each 50 pack game points!</p>
<center><span title="JUST KEEP WRITING"><img src="https://media.giphy.com/media/dSLSu0Mft1Ztu/giphy.gif" style="width:350px; margin-bottom:20px; border:2px solid #000;"></span></center>

<h3>Literally Literature</h3>
<p>Like, Literally Looks Like Lots of Literature LOLOL. Ok, ok, on a more serious note, if you haven't already, go check out our new IC event that will be running 1st April until the 31st May. This event is great for those looking to get involved in either Envoy or AoS pursuits, so we strongly recommend you take advantage of it!</p>

<p>Upon the completion of this event, we will be creating a wiki page to display all the lovely new contents of our Library, so please help us fill our library's bookshelves with some varied and interesting content!</p>

<h3>AoS Update</h3>
<img src="https://sapient.soulsrpg.com/public/images/ranks/Globe.png" style="width:150px; padding:20px; float:right;"><p>The freeze on Areas of Study has been lifted; you may now resume submitting and request Areas of Study, hooray! Why the freeze? Well, we're glad you asked! Considering the release of Envoys (Read blow), Areas of study were amended to better target scholarly pursuits Smile</p>

<p>Areas of study are now exactly what they say on the label: a subject that your character is studying! To earn an AoS your character should develop a new method, research a subject, observe something, whatever they want to study and do.... then document it for others to learn from!</p>

<p>For more information on the changes, please read the amended page info!</p>

<h3>Top Poster Update</h3>
<img src="https://sapient.soulsrpg.com/public/images/Goodbye_Whup.png" style="width:150px; padding:20px; float:right;"><p>Alas, with the introduction of our Envoys, Sapient will be discontinuing the top poster icon. But the motivator will live on as a cheap, purchasable icon in Sapient's game, for those who want to carry the whip with them on a more permanent basis.</p>

<p>Goodbye our beloved motivator!</p>

<p>Whilst we won't be awarding an icon for top poster anymore, you can still earn points for ranking within the top three each month. Aside from the removal of the icon, nothing else has changed on this front.</p>

<h3>Other Updates</h3>
<p>Along with the above, a few additional website pages have received a bit of a facelift and now hopefully are much easier to navigate and understand!</p>

<p>If we've missed something or perhaps something doesn't look right/work, hard refresh first and if that doesn't fix it, let us know!</p>
  • <a href="https://sapient.soulsrpg.com/policies/joining/">Joining Page:</a> clean formatting, information has been updated. Removal of redundant joining form and written content.
  • <a href="https://sapient.soulsrpg.com/ranks/promotion-and-demotion/">Promotions & Demotions:</a> streamlined and simplified - due to new systems, the promotion and demotion criteria within Sapient has been re-written!
  • Fun & Games + Policy Directories: re-formatted and defunct pages removed. Amended broken links.
  • <a href="https://sapient.soulsrpg.com/culture/laws/">IC Laws:</a> re-formatted so it's now not a mile long!
  • <a href="http://sapient.soulsrpg.com/culture/">IC Culture:</a> updated to match current pack nature and how the pack has developed + new formatting.
  • <a href="https://sapient.soulsrpg.com/fun/thread-prompts">Thread Prompts:</a> new prompts are live and the prompts should now automatically update each month - if you encounter any issues, please let us know.

<p>We also cleaned up out rank table, announcement box and maintenance table! It should now be more mobile friendly and look cleaner on desktop~~ Remember to hard refresh to load the new css for these!</p>

<p>The Tool Box -- Sapient's version of Catacombs, has been temporarily closed. Look forward to the new and improved version that should be live soon Wink</p>

<img src="https://sapient.soulsrpg.com/public/images/Envoy_Art.png" style="width:150px; padding:20px; float:right;"><p>Introducing our new cultural aspect: Envoys. So what are these strange new creatures?! Envoys are a representative of Sapient acting on behalf of the pack, engaging in diplomatic and trading measures with foreign establishments. Convoys are sent to foreign packs typically every two months, consisting of volunteer Sapiens or ranked Envoys, with the intent to better pack relations and increase trade between Sapient and others.</p>

<p>For more information on Envoys, how to start earning your Envoy Calibers and get your hands on a stunning uniform, <a href="http://sapient.soulsrpg.com/culture/envoys">click here to view the Envoy website page</a>.</p>

<h3>Envoy Expedition: MV and IF</h3>
<p>If you haven't already, check out the <a href="http://sapient.soulsrpg.com/culture/envoys">envoy information page</a>.
Each group will consist of two mediators, two military and of course, two merchants.</p>

<p>Any Sapien can join in, regardless of if you are looking to earn an Envoy caliber or not. Sign-ups are first come first serve; once a group is full, leadership will PM you with the relevant information for your group. Please do not start threads until you receive this pm.</p>

<table class="halftable">
<Td><h4>Mistfell Vale Group</h4> </td>
<td><h4>Inferni Group</h4> </td>

<h5>Signup Form</h5>
[b]Character Name:[/b]<BR>
[b]Expedition:[/b] IF or MV<BR>
[b]Role:[/b] Mediator, Military, Merchant
Character Name: Mads Ibsen
Expedition: IF
Role: Military
Character Name: Rowtag
Expedition: IF
Role: Merchant or mediator <:
[Image: zh_K08_PH.png]
Character Name: Tzila Napier
Expedition: MV
Role: Merchant
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<div class="name">Tzila Napier</div>
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<span title="Join the Frat House"><a href="http://wiki.soulsrpg.com/index.php?n=Packs.SapientAdoptables"><img src="http://sapient.soulsrpg.com/public/Pride/Pride2.png"></a></span> <span title="What happened in the frat house, stays in the frat house. Forever."> <img src="https://i.imgbox.com/MjrabxrD.png"></span> </div>
<div class="links" id="signature-icons">
<a href="http://wiki.soulsrpg.com/index.php?n=Players.Marina" target="_blank" title="Player Wiki" class="player-wiki"></a> <a href="http://wiki.soulsrpg.com/index.php?n=Characters.TzilaNapier" target="_blank" title="Character Wiki" class="character-wiki"></a><a href="#!" class="reply-medium" title="REPLY SPEED: MEDIUM"></a><a href="#!" class="optime-preference" title="OPTIME unless otherwise stated."></a> <a href="#!" title="I will roleplay LASKY." class="will-lasky"></a><a href="#!" title="I will roleplay mature material." class="will-mature"></a> <a href="#!" class="skill-scholar" title="Tzila is a skilled scribe, reader and cartographer."></a> <a href="#!" class="skill-trade" title="Tzila is a merchant, and always open for trades."></a> <a href="#!" class="skill-fighting" title="Tzila is a skilled with dual daggers and archery."></a> </div>
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.TzilaSig .signature-split { border-bottom:1px solid #000; }.TzilaSig .links { border:1px solid transparent; font-size:0; line-height:1em; margin-right:1px; text-align: left; } .TzilaSig .signature-wrap { border:1px solid transparent; } .TzilaSig .signature-wrap a { display:inline-block; position:relative; margin:0; opacity:.35; filter:alpha(opacity=75%); transition:200ms linear all; -moz-transition:200ms linear all; } .TzilaSig .signature-wrap a:hover, .TzilaSig .signature-wrap a:focus, .TzilaSig .signature-wrap a:active { opacity:1; filter:alpha(opacity=100%); } .TzilaSig .signature-wrap a:hover:after, .TzilaSig .signature-wrap a:focus:after, .TzilaSig .signature-wrap a:active:after { content:' '; display:block; position:absolute; bottom:-4px; height:4px; width:31px; background-color:#5e1f1f; } .TzilaSig .signature-wrap .buttons a:hover:after, .TzilaSig .signature-wrap .buttons a:focus:after, .TzilaSig .signature-wrap .buttons a:active:after { width:88px; left:1px; } .TzilaSig .buttons { float:right; text-align:right; font-size:0; line-height:1em; } .TzilaSig .buttons img { margin-left:1px; } .TzilaSig .notes, .TzilaSig span.notes, .notes ul, .notes ul li { font-size:12px; font-weight:normal; font-family:arial, helvetica, sans-serif; line-height:18px; padding:0; margin:0; position:relative; z-index:999; }
Character Name: Shaamah
Expedition: MV
Role: Military
Character Name: Derek Winter
Expedition: MV
Role: Mediator
(If this gets taken I am willing to do the IF merchant instead)
<div class="sakuraSig">
<img src="https://i.imgur.com/rvIpEAH.png" style="height:200px; z-index:-1; margin:0px 0px -60px;" title="wanna have a bad time?"/>
<div id="signature-icons" class="iconblock">
<a href="http://wiki.soulsrpg.com/index.php?n=Players.AshFisher" class="adoptables-available" title="ADOPTABLES available! PM for details"></a><a href="LINK" title="OPEN FOR THREADS!" class="open-for-threads"></a><a href="#!" class="reply-medium" title="REPLY SPEED: MEDIUM"></a><a href="#!" title="I will roleplay LASKY." class="will-lasky"></a><a href="#!" title="I will roleplay mature material." class="will-mature"></a></a><a href="#!" class="optime-preference" title="OPTIME unless otherwise stated."></a><a href="#!" class="skill-fighting" title="Character is a skilled fighter."></a><a href="#!" class="skill-scholar" title="Character is a skilled scholar."></a><a href="#!" class="skill-social" title="Character is skilled in social skills."></a><a href="#!" class="skill-crafts" title="Character is a skilled craftsman."></a><a href="http://wiki.soulsrpg.com/index.php?n=Players.AshFisher" target="_blank" title="PLAYER WIKI" class="player-wiki"></a>" title="My Wiki" class="player-wiki"></a></div></div>
@import url('/images/icons/postsig/signature-icons.css');
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.sakuraSig .buttonblock a:hover, .razeSig .buttonblock a:active, .razeSig .buttonblock a:focus { opacity:1; filter:alpha(opacity=100%); }
.sakuraSig .iconblock { font-size:0; margin:0 auto; }
.sakuraSig .iconblock { font-size:0; margin:0 auto; }
.sakuraSig .iconblock a { opacity:.7; filter:alpha(opacity=70%); transition:200ms linear all; -moz-transition:200ms linear all; }
.sakuraSig .iconblock a:hover, .razeSig .iconblock a:active, .razeSig .iconblock a:focus { opacity: 1; filter:alpha(opacity=100%); box-shadow: 0px 0px 2px #000; }
Character Name: Moon Moon
Expedition: IF (Because she HAS to be in that Asura/Row group.)
Role: Military
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<h2 class="header-1 border">
<span title="Envoy Expedition: MV and IF">Envoy Expedition: MV and IF</span>

<div class="infotable">

<h4>We have our teams!</h4>

<p>Enough time has passed and we're eager to get these Envoys rolling! Everyone that signed up will be receiving a PM shortly regarding your roll in your chosen Envoy group! You will be added to the appropriate team in Discord for convenience and plotting purposes. Please be sure to re-read over our website information regarding Envoys (please excuse the April Fools uniforms still though xD), and be sure to be on your best behavior!</p>

<p>Remember! You will be representing Sapient out there! Wink</p>


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