[IF] Inferni Disbandment
[html]<h2 class="header-1 border">Inferni Disbandment</h2>
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<p>After fifteen long years, Inferni is disbanding. This will probably come as a shock to many of you, but it’s a decision that I have struggled with for several months, if not the past few years.
I love Inferni, and I appreciate all the opportunities for plots and friendships it has given me! However, leadership has become a terrible source of stress these past several months. To put it into perspective: I have been a leader of Inferni for almost my entire ‘Souls career, more than six years—and a solo leader for a good portion of that time. I know I cannot be the active, passionate, driven leader that Inferni deserves right now—and so I have decided to step down to focus on administration and roleplaying as a regular member, for both the sake of the pack and for my mental health.
To everyone who has given me their love and support while I made this difficult decision: I appreciate you all so much. <3
This isn’t goodbye forever though! I’m not soon to forget the stinky coyotes. Wink Who knows: in a few more years, maybe someone else will take up the mantle of Aquila, or perhaps we’ll make something new together. Think of this as a plot opportunity rather than just a farewell!

<h2 class="subheader">IC Disbandment & Timeline</h2>

<p> The final wound struck by the Salsolan war has festered; after several months adapting to the harsh, once-burned territories in the Eastern Realms, Inferni morale has remained low. Spring seemed like a brief turn-around for the clan, bringing new growth and new prey, but the deaths of two mothers appear to be a sign of what’s to come. The summer rains bring flooding and disease, and in the end the leader who brought Inferni here decides to retreat.</p>

<b>24 June:</b> Summer storms move in. Periods of heavy rain lead to treacherous mud and standing water in cleared construction areas, and the Yawrah floodplains expand. </li>
<li><b>30 June:</b> The New Homestead barn collapses during a storm. Floodwaters reaches two inches in places, making for miserable travel. Mosquitoes and flies breed rampantly near the Yawrah.</li>
<li><b>6 July:</b> More livestock fall ill due to wet conditions and biting flies. Vicira orders a cull of some livestock in an attempt to stop the spread of disease. </li>
<li><b>13 July:</b> The rains stop, but conditions are muggy and miserable. Vicira decides to reduce territory and abandon some of their borders so the coyotes can more properly maintain a smaller area of land. Tensions start to rise as a result of these decisions and the living conditions in the clan.</li>
<li><b>26 July:</b> A death occurs on the border, possibly as a result of reduced patrols. Vicira withdraws from her clanmates.</li>
<li><b>26 July — 31 July:</b> Unrest throughout the clan leads to more open dissension, and eventually Vicira is called out for her decisions. Some coyotes leave quietly; others argue for change or suggest ideas.</li>
<li><b>01 August:</b> Vicira announces that she’s disbanding Inferni and leaving; the others are either with her or against her. Inferni ultimately breaks into small groups or individuals who stay behind in the territory or go their own way.</li></ul>

<h2>Post-Dismandment Details</h2>
<p>Skulls still stare from the trees, and a herd of feral horses roam the floodplains. Family and comrades part ways, but others linger behind, sticking together for survival’s sake or dreaming of a day Inferni will rise from the ashes a second time.
A small band of coyotes with ambition in their blood vow to make more of themselves, and form an elusive group called <b>The Cartel</b> hoping to make waves (and profit) in ‘Souls.
<b>Communal horse claims</b> are possible! Players who intend to keep playing their former Inferni character (i.e., not drop them) are permitted to claim one horse from the communal stock, on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please reply to this thread to claim a horse.


<h2>Disbandment Icons</h2>
<p>Want to rep some coyote pride post-Inferni? Former Inferni members have the opportunity to obtain a permanent custom icon, one of the following:</p>
<center><img src="http://inferni.soulsrpg.com/public/images/icons/bloodspattered.png"/> <img src="http://inferni.soulsrpg.com/style/rex.png" /> <img src="https://i.imgur.com/n3ahvLQ.png" /></center>

<p>Because these cannot just be given away, you have a few choices to obtain one:
<ul><li>Cash in all your IF game points for an icon. Once per player.</li>
<li>Purchase an icon with 500 IF game points.</li>
<li>Transfer your points to a new pack and purchase an icon through their pack game.</li>
<li>Purchase an icon via the ‘Souls Store or Word of the Day Game.</li></ul>
Please reply to this thread to claim your custom icon.


<h2 style="text-align:center;">Thanks for Fifteen Years! ♥</h2>

<center><img src="https://78.media.tumblr.com/73e476c904e30f24795fad1d97fd5526/tumblr_njduha8jVC1qkqjvho4_400.gif" /></center>

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<a href="http://wiki.soulsrpg.com/index.php?n=Packs.InferniDirectory#adoptNPCs"><img src="http://pile.randimg.net/0/87/21920/inferni-adoptables.png"></a> <br/>
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<a target="_blank"href="http://inferni.soulsrpg.com/policies/joining"><b>Join the <span style="color:#aa0000;">Inferni</span> Coyotes!</b></a>
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<a target="_blank" href="viewtopic.php?f=10&t=453">IF Maintenance</a>
<strong class="if">Inferni</strong> is a coyote-only clan first established in 2002. With a flexible hierarchy and tons of co-ranks, Inferni's ranking system and coyote culture are unique amongst 'Souls wolf packs. If you're interested in <b><a target="_blank" href="http://inferni.soulsrpg.com/policies/joining">joining Inferni</a></b>, we'd love to have you!

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Inferni was my first base of operations, and though I am sad to see it go, I absolutely think that it had one of the best runs in 'Souls. I can't wait to see how this moves characters forward, and really glad I was able to be a part of it for so long.

I'll be cashing all my points in for an icon for Jethro Lykoi.
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<3 *smoochies ya cheek* IF pride forever, I'd like to cash any points I've got, but I haven't added up in ages; I would love a little flame icon for Rio here.

Also (can I claim Taja for Briarblack)
a little less like my father, and more like my dad
I'll be really sad to see Aliyah as a loner, but it's okay. We all understand.
I'll cash in all my game points for an icon for Aliyah. I'll take the bloody Inferni skull.
Inferni Forever!
Huge thanks to Zoingishly for the avatar!

Hello! I'm Aliyah. I'm a crazy wolfaboo and serval addict. I'm quite active and enjoy roleplaying, as it really helps me to train my brain and get more imaginative skills.

"An eye for an eye, wouldn't you say...?"-ALIYAH
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What is dead may never die!!

If I even have any points lol I'd like to cash in for the skull icon for John
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What is done, is done. This is an opportunity for something new, for something different with the people and characters that made and continues to make Inferni so good. In time, when it is right, we can always try again.

...would like to cash in any points for a little flame icon.
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<a href="#!" class="scent-warning" title="...Actually smells of; Something indeterminable and old, creaky leather mixed with faint scents of death, decay and blood, fighting against the scents of Jackal and then Coyote. Also might smell of raven-feet if you really concentrate."></a>
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My time in Inferni was rather short and staggered, however, I had a lot of fun in it! It was nice to have someplace that was unique as IF was about their culture regarding species supremacy! And both of the war plots that I was able to participate in were tons of fun! You did good, Raze, to keep it going for as long as ya' did! A trooper, and the pack was fun and full of good plots! Thanks for leading it for as long as you did<333

If I'm allowed, would I be able to cash in my aNPC, Shikoba Whiplash's, meager points for the flame icon? And, if we can put a hover, could it have "Fire and Brimstone," attached to it? If this isn't okay since he's an aNPC right now, I totally understand<333 Figured there was no harm in asking!
It truly has been quite the ride. I'm glad to have been a part of Inferni for so long. Going to miss it, but like said, perhaps it may come back one day. Inferni the 3rd.

Also... apparently Faith has over 1,100 points... huh. Could I use 500 to get the small flame icon for her account and transfer the rest?

Also, could I claim Spirit?
Idrieus Eternity
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;____; *ugly cry*

If an aNPC can has, I can has flame icon on Dorado Whiplash?

Trading in either all of his/Daeva's points or 500 if it's a big number, I can't actually remember. >.<
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Man... Inferni was my first pack I ever joined back in 2010, and it has a special place in my heart. I'm sad to see it go, but I look forward to the future and how it will play out! <3
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Although I might have plans for NPC'ing this guy, I'm following what Songbird is doing and requesting a permanent icon (the three arrows) for Trinidad's profile? And, if hovers are permitted, for it to say "Oderint dum Metuant" (as is the motto on IF's website) to remember it by? I figured it couldn't hurt to ask ^-^

EDIt I'll be cashing in whatever points I have that I haven't kept track of
Inferni's been around as long as I have, and it'll be a bit weird to have it gone! But I think this is a really good change, both for the site and especially for Raze, and I'm super proud of her taking this huge step she needs for the sake of her health.

I don't know if I have any Inferni points between any of my 100 Inferni characters over the years, but if I do I'd like to trade them in for the flame icon on Dove. I'll toss the skull on Sally as well and will pay for that one. If I don't have points for the first icon, I'll throw cash in for both, whatevs. Inferni pride. <3 ;o;
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Not claiming any points! Just want to commend Raze on an amazing 6 years of leadership and her strength and courage in making this difficult decision - Inferni has been a longstanding pillar of the 'Souls community, and with Raze's creative talents at the helm it has seen so many incredible plots, expansions and tragedies. It's always bittersweet when a change like this comes to the boards. All good things must come to an end (to make way for more good things!), but Inferni will always be remembered with the reverence and infamy it is owed ❤
Inferni has been both home to me and my characters ever since I joined Souls a year and a half ago. I'm sad to see this era come to a close, but it's exciting to see where all of this is going to take our characters ICly. And of course, big shoutout to Raze for being a great leader and an even better friend for all this time. I'm just happy we'll all still have the chance to rp together, and that way, it doesn't feel like a goodbye at all.

I'll be cashing in all Redtooth's points for a flame icon.
I'll get the flame for 500 game points for Virue here. Then I'll probably use the remainder to get a title in the maintenance thread...

EDIT: I see people gettin some fanshy hovertext, I'd like to get the words “A-are you okay?” in quotes for my flame icon :O
Inferni would not have lasted for as long as it has without all the love, care, and hard work that you've put into it over the years, Raze. It takes a lot of time, effort, and attention to be a leader and you've done an amazing job! I salute you and thank you so much for making my time in the clan as much fun as it has been! Inferni, with its many various plots and events, has made such an enormous impact on 'Souls and I believe that its spirit will definitely live on for some time to come. <333

If I could, I'd love to cash in what meager points I have for a fire icon and hover text for Diego. I'd like the hover text to read, "Vivat Inferni!" if possible. <3
Aww, I'm sad to see Inferni go! I've loved playing characters in it and I liked how I could always play up some different aspect of the clan's culture depending on my character. Even my non-Infernians (Tayui) loved it. Tongue

Being a leader can be intense, especially solo, so it's really a testament to your fortitude for making it such a fun and dynamic pack for so long! It's an end well-earned. Shy <3

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oh man oh man I'm so sad to see Inferni go! When Daniel told me, I thought he was pranking me LOL. Thank you for the wonderful years, Raze, Mel, (and in absence, Sie) and everyone else that helped lead Inferni over the years! It's one of Souls' most legendary packs for a reason -- and I hope someone resurrects it someday haha <3

if I'm allowed to have one, I'd like the bloody skull for Izual Massacre in exchange for all these leftover points. Even though he gon' be ded - its the memories! <3

P.S. if I can get a hover for it, please put: Fear something again
My heart is broken.

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Aldora Knight Wrote:My heart is broken.
This ;-;

also was wondering if i might have had any points lying around for Cotl? If so i would love to cash those points in for a flame icon(w//hover:"Das Ist Die Ende") on his account if that's cool? If not then i dont mind, I just wanted Cotl to be dead and have his lil inferni pride since he lived and died there for a long time. <3
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Thank you for all the support and kind words. <3 I really appreciate it, and this would have been a lot harder without all the kindness and understanding people have shown me.

Unless I messaged you privately, all icon and horse claims thus far are good to go. :>
I know that Otilie has only just appeared but I am so happy to finally say I have a coyote - even if it's at the tail end of an amazing run <3 Thank you Raze for leading the group for so many great years!

I was wondering if Otilie would be able to claim a horse for plot purposes - it could be given back to the clan/returned/set free and discovered by someone else after she flees. Shy

The horse doesn't matter so much - as long as it can run fast!
My heart hurts! What will we do without our stinky 'yotes? Inferni was my first, real home on here for years, and even when it wasn't, you helped make 'Souls as a whole my home.

You do you, Raze. I'm proud of ya. <3
<3<3<3 Raze

Also! I tracked down some of my old IF game points. I have 402 from Hybrid and 608 from Wraith. It doesn't look like I cashed them in. If possible, could I get the flame icon added to Hybrid and Wraith's accounts? It looks like since I have 1,000 points, I could buy one of each at 500 points per icon.

Thank you!

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Oof -- I't sad to see this amazing clan go but I'm glad that it was for a good reason! It's been a good run and I would like to give mad props & big thanks to Raze for selflessly keeping Inferni's flame burning for so long. TuT

I would like to cash in all my points for a flame icon (and if it's possible, with the hovertext: I hold with those who favor fire) !!
The IC disbandment announcement is up.

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