[CdC] August News Post
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<h3>It's a Party!</h3>
With the hot summer season ending soon, the Lune has decided to invite Cour des Miracles for a clam bake and beach party! The party will take place on <b>August 17th</b>. Members of the Court will be welcomed into the Fort during the day, with activities starting at sun down. There will be no official welcome thread for this event as it is a causal party. Enjoy and don't get into too much trouble Wink
Note: Sign ups will be limited to choosing either frisbee OR the eating contest per character until the 10th, after that all slots will be open to anyone wanting to participate.

<h3>Clam Bake </h3>
A large feast on Whisper Beach will take place as the sun begins to set. All are welcome to an assortment of clams, crayfish, and various fish. Fight over the last piece of salmon, get stuck with your mouth full, and roast your personal fish over a camp fire!

<h3>Ultimate Frisbee</h3>
Get your athletic bones moving and join in a game of frisbee. Who can do the best trick? Who will catch the furthest throw? Most importantly, who will go swimming with the fishes to wrestle for the frisbee in the water? It's all up to you! Sign up below! This will be a participant run activity.
<b>Frisbee Team A</b>
<li> Skoll </li>
<li> Callum </li>
<li> Nayavota</li>
<li><i>Court</i> </li>
<b>Frisbee Team B</b>
<li> Hibiki </li>
<li> Howland</li>
<li> Day</li>
<li> <i>Court</i> </li>

<h3>Clam Eating Contest</h3>
Do you love competition? Do you love to eat? Then this is for you! Why not show off your characters true strength - eating! Luca has collected a small jar of pearls for those looking to make jewelry or give a gift to a special someone. The winner from each group will face off in an epic showdown! A winner will be chosen by randomizer from each round.
Winner: Reblin
<b>Eating Contest Participants: Group A</b>
<li>Honrin (Thread Starter)</li>
<li>Cicely Sadira</li>

<h3>When the sun goes down...</h3>
Who knows what will happen when the sun sets? Alcohol will be freely available for this special occasion. Enjoy a walk along the beach, a moonlit swim, or dance by the fires. Once the sun has gone down a large bonfire will be created, members are encouraged to add to it as the evening progresses.
I'm sorry I must immediately sign up Skoll for Ultimate Frisbee.

[size=85]If the limit is on a per-character basis vs per-player, I'd love to sign Galilee up for the clam-eating contest. If not, I'll wait and see! Smile[/size]
[html]<center><img src="http://soulsrpg.com/images/icons/cdm.gif"/><br/><span style="font-size: 14px; text-transform: uppercase; letter-spacing: 1px; text-shadow: #ffffff 0px 1px 0;" class="cdm"><span style="color:#daa520;">TOP OF THE WORLD, BOTTOM OF THE OCEAN</span><br/><span style="color:#7a5f48;">THEY BUILT YOU UP AND BROKE YOU DOWN AGAIN</span><br/><span style="color:#191970;">SO NOW YOU HOPE TO BEAT THE SURF IN</span></span></center>[/html]
Alessan will totally do the clam eating contest. There's a gay joke in there somewhere.
Honrin for the clam eating!! - Also totally game for starting the thread
Oh man, please sign up Biki for the frisbee competition.
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Competitive clam-eating, you say? Sign Reblin up! Smile
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Cal for the frisbee contest!
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Nayavota is down for ultimate Frisbee; how hard can it be? ;D
because i totally want to see whether Munroe will throw up or not Sorry Munroe totally wanna sign him up for the clam bake.
Hook Darkness up for some Clams lol

If there are still slots. XD
Due to popularity the Clam Eating contest has expanded into two groups, winners face each other.
Believe it or not, The Good Boy will make a great frisbee player. It's all that dog blood. After all, he's nearly 40% retriever! Sign up Howland for frisbee, please!
[Image: nT0jWgr.png]
Day for frisbee team B!
[Image: AtZMOKs.png]
I would love to throw Cicely at the clam eating contest, Group A if possible?

She'll be taking advantage of the free food + openly judging everyone's table manners Wink
Eatting contest and Frisbee thread a are pinned in Casa! Reblin has been chosen by the randomizer to be the winner of the eatting contest. The eatting contest has also been condensed into one group.

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