Open Characters

Open Characters

Some roleplayers find it easier to "get into" a game if they have a character with connections, plots, etc. Other roleplayers may wish to offer characters of their own creation for plot purposes, or simply to create a character. This thread provides a way for players to browse over available adoptables, as well as a way for 'Souls roleplayers to advertise their own characters.

Adopting a Character?

If you're interested in adopting a listed character, contact the individual adopter/owner. These characters are not "officially sponsored" or canon characters. If your adoptable has a forum account, ask the character's adopter/owner for the password. The 'SA does not give passwords to adoptable accounts except to the character's adopter/owner. A sidenote: we do not reset post counts!

More open characters? Check out the Open Characters category on the Wiki!

Listing a Character

Reply to this thread with a code shell. Adhere to the guidelines.

Listing Guidelines

  1. Do not include any extraneous information or modify the code shell (e.g., no tables, colors, etc.). This thread is intended to be a brief summary, not a place for you to store lots of information.
  2. Adoptable characters born off-board must be adults (7 months or older) to be listed. Any listed character under 7 months of age must have been obtained via puppy procedures.
  3. Once you have found a player, remove your listing.
  4. Only current members may post Open Characters.
  5. Listing the same character twice (even under different players) is not permitted.
  6. Players should have only one comprehensive listing for all their adoptables.

Extra Tips for Adopters

See Open Characters Guide.

Code Shell

Remember: list both your PM and e-mail contact -- not everyone browsing our list has a 'Souls account!


[URL=]PM[/URL] | []Email[/EMAIL]

[SIZE=125][b]Character Name[/b][/SIZE]
[img]Image of character should be avatar size (200x200 or smaller)[/img]
[b]Name:[/b] [URL=]Name[/URL]
[b]Age + DoB:[/b]
[b]Additional references or art[/b]: [URL=http://XX][1][/URL],  [URL=http://XX][2][/URL],  [URL=http://XX][3][/URL],  [URL=http://XX][4][/URL]
[b]Adoption Contract:[/b]


Reclaiming Adoptables

Adoption Contract

Players are encouraged to establish specific and exact terms for reclaiming adoptables -- e.g., terms for player inactivity, personality, pack membership, etc.

Sometimes, players do not set very clear terms. There is then a lot of ambiguity about the agreement. For example, basic agreements over AIM or PM can be open to all kinds of interpretation and argument later about what the character was supposed to do, what their history/personality was, etc. Players writing clearer "contract" terms for adoption leave less room for these disputes.

Remember that especially stringent contracts may also make adoptable characters less attractive to players looking to adopt. In general, we do definitely recommend giving adopting players freedom; part of roleplay's fun comes from not controlling every single aspect of everything, after all.


If a player has violated an adoption contract and you wish to reclaim the character:

Inactive Characters
Our default assumption is that if you created the character and adopted it out, inactivity is always a term for reclaiming. Do note though, that there are situations where it's unkind/impolite to reclaim even an inactive character.
  • If the player is still on the board, try to talk to them about it. If they're planning to pick up the character soon, perhaps set a date by which they must pick the character up. If you cannot get the character back yourself, feel free to escalate to the 'Souls Assemblage. We will reset an inactive character's account -- but you must try to talk to the player first.
  • If the player is fully inactive and cannot be reached, you can immediately escalate to the 'Souls Assemblage to have the password rescinded.

Active Characters
  • Discuss the situation and attempt resolution with the player.
  • Bring the matter to the 'Souls Assemblage, via the Reclaiming Form. The 'SA will evaluate your case and get back to you as quickly as they can.
  • Notes:
    • If you cannot produce a screenshot of the other player agreeing to your terms, they <b>do</b> get to keep the character.
    • Reclaiming an active character should ABSOLUTELY be a last measure. If you're PMing the administration, you should have already tried to PM the player and discuss their character's behavior/direction/whatever; perhaps you've tried multiple times. The 'SA should NOT be your first line of defense. We will not evaluate cases where you have not tried to resolve the conflict yourself.

Reclaiming Form

All fields are required!
Contact me!
Latch Key - Gentleman thief and gadgeteer genius
[Image: JVpNjJw.png]
Art by Despi

Amoux Aston - Rebel without a cause

Aether Creed - Snappy fire-starter
[Image: YFYOMHA.png]
Art by Despi

[Image: 5pprTkB.png]
[Image: songbirdButton.png]
Avatar by Trophy

PM | Discord: ashfisher#1893

Yasmin Johansen- Older Sister to Asher Johansen
[Image: l7OLE6.png]
Name: Yasmin Johansen
Species: Coyote
Age + DoB: 6 + Feb 10, 2015
Additional references or art:
Adoption Contract:
Moderate; Character has set skills and personality. We can discuss further through Souls PM or Discord DM. Player may use the avatar art shown here.

Randell Johansen- Younger Brother to Asher Johansen
[Image: l7OP8p.png]
Name: Randell Johansen
Species: Coyote
Age + DoB: 3 + April 16, 2018
Additional references or art:
Adoption Contract:
Moderate; Character has set skills and personality. We can discuss further through Souls PM or Discord DM. Player may use the avatar art shown here.

Vera Zharkov
[Image: gs5508.png]
Name: Vera Zharkov
Species: 50% Caucasian Shepherd x 50% West Siberian Laika
Age + DoB: 8 + 22nd September 2012
Additional references or art: [1], [2]*by dale
Adoption Contract: Moderate; Character has prior play on board and a profile already made; would prefer that she is in DCG. Player may use the avatar art shown here.

Ariana Fairbreeze
[Image: gs5cxq.png]
Name: Ariana Fairbreeze
Species: Australian Shepherd
Age + DoB: 6 + 8 August 2015
Additional references or art:
Adoption Contract: Relaxed, player may use the avatar art shown here

Kalia D'Angelo
[Image: gs5AG5.png]
Name: Kalia D'Angelo
Species: Wolf x Coyote x Dog
Age + DoB: 1 + 24 November 2019
Additional reverences or art:[1][2]*by Dale
Adoption Contract: Relaxed; though she does have relations on board and a profile ready for use. Player may use the avatar art shown here.
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