[P] You feel a shiver in the dark

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Everett brought his moisture-soaked palms together as he sighed and wiped his forehead with the back of his hand. White-gold light bathed the stable yard as the male glanced skyward to glimpse the moon suspended in the heavens. Its shape was what the humans had called a crescent, but which many canines had referred to as a talon or claw. The scents of horse, sweat and oats clung to the gentleman’s body as he patted Percival’s flanks and exited the stall. The pale horse raised its head and nickered to his master, before turning his nose back to his water trough.

The male made his way to his room, and brought a satchel from beneath a desk. The day’s exertions had left him with sore muscles and the thought of a warm bath sounded enticing. Everett opened the drawer on his desk as he removed the bracelets that decorated both wrists, and the four rings adorned his fingers. With both hands he lifted the hemp cord necklace over his head and safely into the confines of the drawer. The absence of their weight was keenly felt by the gentleman. They were not simple trinkets that he used to flaunt his wealth or good taste, each held significance to the dog. Glacial eyes fell upon a hide-bound box that his fingers gently prised apart, and took from its depths several sweet-smelling soaps bound in fabric. Honey, lavender and mint met his nose as he tucked them carefully into the bag. Next came cotton towels to dry and enfold his body within once he had finished. Everett folded these and stored them within the bag.

The moon’s light was hidden from view as Everett left Kingsbury and headed east. The male had not visited the Steam Baths before, but knew roughly where they were from his time spent in Casa. The earth beneath his paws was uneven, it rose and fell and made his progress that much slower as he navigated through scrub and woodland. If he worked up a sweat just getting to the pools, this bath would indeed be beneficial. A flicker of a smile traced his lips at he thought which quickly fell as an unpleasant odour caused his muzzle to wrinkle. Several minutes later, and the stench grew stronger still.

Perhaps I’ve gone the wrong way, Everett thought as he attempted to peer through the thick fir and pines that clustered ahead. Once he cleared the natural barricade, his fur laden with green needles and tree sap, he noticed steam rising and drifting into the night. Bubbling pools lines by rocks of various height and consistency dotted the area. Rickety structures stood apart at intervals, some with rotted doors whilst others had collapsed under their own weight. The gentleman settled for the cover of the trees as he gathered his belongings and undressed.

What light there was reflected from the constantly moving waters as Everett walked along the edges of a pool. He lowered himself and dipped both feet into the warm depths, and when he was satisfied with the temperature, he pushed himself off the rim. The gentleman sighed audibly as heat flowed through his body and eased his weary limbs. He leaned back against the rocks and closed his eyes as he enjoyed this moment of contentment.

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