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Quote:Summer 2019, set in a small, marshland village on the coast of Quebec.
WC: 1211
The tower where Abbott sat, locked inside its moldy basement, was surrounded by the crumbling ruins of old houses. Ugly shacks made of pale wood and gray-brown clay were built on their foundations, protecting the new dwellings when the marsh flooded—or so the pack wolves claimed, despite pointing out homes that had begun sinking into the earth. Just that spring, too, even though the stone slabs were so weathered that she could chip pieces off with her bare hands.

Stellar stared at the tower and sighed, before petting Jesus' long, soft fur with her foot. What shitty luck, and what stupid people.

Maria cleared her throat, pulling the dirt gray coyote from her thoughts. ”Stellar, have you ever heard that an eye for an eye makes the whole world go blind? You can’t raze a village because Abbott bet shit he didn’t have on some dice game. Sure, be pissed at the trussed up lunatic that locked him in the ‘keep,’” Maria said, gesturing to the crumbling, stone tower in the center of the village, ”but don’t burn it to the ground trying to get him back. We have to be… Diplomatic about this. If we can find and kill the ‘giant,’ they’ll just dock our pay to cover Abbot’s bet.” Maria smoothed a large, scarred hand over her buzzards’ backs, calming herself as much as the birds.

Were they still arguing about this? Fuck, fine, whatever.

Stellar snarled and banged her fist on the table, their waterskins sloshing as they fell over—like they hadn’t even bothered to take a break and calm down. Jesus hissed and scrambled out from under it, sprinting down the hill and toward the village. ”Fine. But you’re a real cocksucker, you know that? Always doing what local warlords tell you to do, no matter how much they fuck us over first. A real puta for madmen who hang trespassers from trees and sacrifice children to monsters.” Stellar was angry, but she wasn’t stupid. She knew they could only put a stop to so much, just the three of them; it just pissed her off to see Maria roll over and take it.

One of the villagers shrieked as Jesus darted between their legs, clearly not expecting to run into a big, swearing tabby cat on their walk.

The large, white dog raised an eyebrow at Stellar and sighed. “You know Crown, you can stop flirting and just fuck me. Maybe beat me first for good measure, like that stable boy who gave you every crop in the village.” The vultures pecked idly at her fingers and she brushed them off with a wave of her hand. Stellar scowled.

The coyote grit her teeth and shoved her chair back, startling the birds. “Are you trying to fucking start something Maria? Because we can fucking start something,” she hissed, pushing herself to her feet; Stellar didn’t want, or need, the ex-shepherd’s shitty jokes. She rounded the table and stood over her companion, though only just. She wasn’t a particularly tall woman, and Maria… Maria was a giant in her own right, even while sitting down.

When Maria stood, her chair toppled at the force of it—and so did her vultures, hissing and grunting as they escaped the would-be brawl. “Stop puffing your chest out and fight me like a woman, Stellar,” Maria growled, towering over the hotheaded coyote. ”You have no patience, no tact, no care for how other people were born and raised, as if that old storybook you carry around wouldn’t have fucked you up just as bad. Stick your head between my legs or fight me, Stellar, because I’m getting real tired of your bullshit.”

Stellar clenched her fists, her chest rumbling like something ancient. A snarl clawed up her throat, tearing over her tongue and past ivory teeth, to lash out at Maria. ”Like hell I’d put my face anywhere near your dirty cunt, you fucking—!”

”Stop stalling and hit me, then! You’re screaming in my face, you’re spitting insults at me, you’re…” Maria trailed off, pale brows furrowed in frustration. "You’re being a real bitch, Stellar—and worse than usual! So either let me eat whatever’s climbed up your cunt and pissed you off today, or break my nose and get it over with.” When Stellar didn’t move, didn’t react, Maria continued, ”It’ll heal—it always does.”

Stellar felt frozen, her wild, orange eyes staring up at Maria’s black ones—as black as pitch, as the night sky, as the cold dead heart inside her chest. The one that beat, beat, beat whenever her friends were hurt, upset, or angry. Whenever Stellar fucked up and didn’t know how to fix it. She licked her lips and glanced away. ”I… I’m not going to hit you again,” she admitted, though her hands were still clenched into fists. ”Not today, anyway.”

She still felt guilty whenever she looked at Maria’s snout, even though she’d only ever split the skin on her friend’s nose. Allegedly, the bump on the bridge was from falling out of a tree as a kid—Stellar didn’t believe her.

Maria cocked her head to the side, a growing smirk on her dark lips. ”How deep is it then, do you think?” she asked, crouching down so she could look up at Stellar instead. The coyote snorted, her hands relaxing at her sides. ”How deep has that nasty, ugly thing crawled up your pretty cunt?” Before Stellar could react, Maria hoisted her up in her arms and began spinning her around in circles.

”Put me down, put me down!!” Stellar squealed, laughing as she squirmed in Maria’s arms. Her anger was extinguished as easily as a candle flame; the coyote’s friends were all she had, all she needed, all she wanted—and this one was about to make her see stars. Stellar just needed to attend to some… Urgent business first. ”Maria, Maria, please, I’m gonna—”

”Scream? Hit me? Bite? I think I’d like all three, Crown,” the white woman crooned, though she stopped spinning at Stellar’s protests; she just wished Maria would stop squeezing her ass through her pants, too.

”No, no, I’m gonna piss myself! C’mon Maria, let me down before I—shit!” Maria dropped Stellar on her feet and she threw her arms out to keep her balance. ”Shit Maria, gotta warn a girl first,” Stellar said, a hint of a whine in her voice. Now she really had to go, and she was dizzy on top of it.

Maria laughed. ”Poor baby. Need me to carry you to the bushes, too?” Stellar groaned, her lip curling at the idea as she stalked into the woods. She shoved past a hapless shepherd on her way, mind whirling with more thoughts than she could count; she’d find somewhere to take a piss, Maria would fuck her into the bedfurs, and then they could finish tracking that ‘giant.’

Shit, maybe Abbott needed to get locked up more often—the angrier Stellar got, the more sex she had.
Quote:Stellar and Maria decide to "cool down" after their fight—together.
WC: 1503
Their fur tents were set up on a hill near the village, each propped up on several posts. It was their shelter, their safe haven, their pop-up home on jobs; Stellar loved it, just like she loved the insistent way Maria led her into the main tent. It made Stellar feel desirable, like at least her friends with benefits cared about her. As if on cue, the dog woman squeezed her ass and made her jump; she loved shit like that, too.

And she loved Maria, even if she could only say it while drunk.

Stellar flopped down on the big bed of furs the group shared, her hair a wild, frizzy halo around her head. Abbott needed to trim it—maybe after they killed that “giant” and got far away from this weird, sinking village. ”Don’t just lie there, get undressed,” Maria said, pulling the coyote from her thoughts. The dog woman tugged once, twice, three times on Stellar’s leather coat before she finally bothered to sit up and help. ”Thanks, babe.” The words were spat like an insult, as sweet as they were.

Stellar stuck her tongue out at Maria as she unbuttoned her brown linen pants. ”No problem, sweetheart,” she hissed, dragging the garment down her legs and kicking them off onto the ground, ”you know I’d do anything for you.” Maria rolled her eyes and kissed Stellar sweetly, like she was something precious.

Stellar was rough and tumble, all sharp angles around wild, orange eyes. All of her clothes had holes and all of her clubs had chips, unlike Maria’s clean leather armor and polished, metal slingshot. She cursed in mixed company, snapped at curious children, and got so drunk she couldn’t walk after long jobs—but Maria still considered her worthy of affection.

Stellar moaned as the dog woman trailed a line of kisses across her throat, down her chest, and over her twitching stomach. She was something precious, something worthy, even if the coyote didn’t dare say it; Stellar was just an asshole.

Again, Maria dragged her out of her own head with gentle touch. The older woman’s large, white hands spread her dirt gray legs and massaged her inner thighs. Stellar whined as Maria breathed against her cunt, teasing her with probing fingers and stifled laughs. What a bitch, Stellar thought, until said bitch plunged tongue first inside her. The coyote groaned, yanking on Maria’s ponytail with one hand and scratching her short-furred scalp with the other. This was the life; Abbott wasn’t breathing down her neck, she had a beautiful bitch between her legs, and every lick felt like heaven. ”That’s a good whore,” Stellar praised, grinding against Maria’s face.

She swore she could feel the dog roll her dark, lust drunk eyes again.

Coming up for air a moment later, Maria licked her lips and gave Stellar a look. ”Seriously, Crown? ‘A good whore?’ Where’d the sweetness go?” She reached up to squeeze the coyote’s small breasts, twisting them between large, scarred fingers. Stellar leaned into the touch and released Maria’s long, white hair. ”Just because I’m eating the bitch out of you doesn’t mean I can’t take you over my knee, too.” Stellar moaned, even as a cackle tore up her throat. Maria sighed and kissed her inner thigh. ”I mean it, Stellar. I know you like the crop—it’s the only reason we have one.”

Stellar shuddered at the thought, leaning back against their big bed of furs. Abbott would be pissed to find them covered in come, but only because he didn’t get to watch. For a moment, she wished he was there to kiss her. He was slow, gentle, and never as rough as Maria was; she needed that sometimes.

Right now Stellar needed to be a smartass—or a dumbass, depending on who you asked—instead. ”Oh Maria, I’ve been a bad horse,” she said, snorting into the hot, summer air, ”take me, take me out behind the stable and—bahahahaha!” She doubled over, cackling, until her face was pressed against Maria’s.

Maria laughed too, her warm, white fingers probing their way into Stellar’s hair. She kissed her cheek, her jaw, the corner of her lip. ”You’re an idiot. Take you out behind the stable and what? Spank you? We might need to go into the woods for that, I don’t want Abbott to hear you scream.” Stellar moaned against her lips and nodded, her cunt getting with the beautiful picture Maria was painting.

”Yeah Maria, I want my dirty fucking whore to—hey!” The dog rolled Stellar over, a growl rumbling up her throat, and cracked her hand against the smaller woman’s ass. Instead of cursing or shouting, Stellar whined and melted into the bed furs. Another smack, another moan, as Maria plunged a finger between the coyote’s legs. ’Yeah Maria, yeah, just like tha-a-at...” If this was the game they were going to play, than Stellar would gladly play it.

Maria smiled, fucking Stellar with one hand and spanking her with the other. ”You’re always running your mouth, Crown. You can dish it out,” she said, sticking another finger in the coyote's twitching cunt, ”but you can’t take it. I should make you cry for that, loud enough to make Abbott jealous.” She delivered a final blow, high on Stellar’s ass, before she stopped and waited for the coyote’s reaction.

Another insult sat on the tip of Stellar’s tongue, and it was a good one too, but Maria curled her fingers just so and she lost it. ”Yes plea-ease, Miss Maria,” she moaned, riding the woman’s hand like it was the best cock she’d ever had. Maria purred in satisfaction and twisted her fingers again, probing into the deepest, wettest parts of Stellar’s cunt. Maria was the perfect woman, Stellar was sure of it.

”Miss Maria, huh? Need me to play Sunday school teacher again, or do you just want the title?” the white dog asked, removing her fingers and holding them up to Stellar’s mouth. ”Lick, Crown.” The coyote, fuck drunk as all hell, took them into her mouth without a second thought.

Once Maria’s fingers were clean, Stellar turned to stare up at her with adoring, half moon eyes. ”Just… Just the title, Miss Maria.” She sighed into the bed as Maria placed a hand on her ass, the other tugging on her tail. The words “perfect woman” consumed her crowded mind, as if Maria had put a spell on her—as if they were all Stellar knew.

”Good girl," Maria said, dragging a hand down Stellar's back. She continued spanking her with the other, raining sexy fire on the coyote’s ass. "Maybe I'll let you eat my cunt after this and show you what a real whore looks like." Every word was punctuated by a sharp, quick slap and it made Stellar want to scream until she couldn't scream any more. Made her want to wail and kick and fight, even as her cunt drooled onto the bed.

Stellar nodded instead, too far gone for dirty talk; coherent thought was already leaving her, her body shaking harder and harder with each impact. Maria cooed sympathetically and, rather than raining down another slap, rested a hand on the coyote’s ass. ”Had enough, Crown?” Stellar didn’t answer for a moment, her chest heaving against the bed. Maria was strong—too strong, strong enough to hurt her—but being hit felt so good. She shook her head and raised her ass expectantly. A soft, sweet, pitying noise escaped the dog woman’s throat. ”Cute, but you’re shaking like a leaf. C’mon babe, roll over,” Maria said, nudging Stellar until she complied.

The coyote hissed as she was pushed onto her back, her ass rubbing against the bed furs. ”Fuck that hurts, get me a pill—ow!” Stellar jumped, her inner thigh burning where it had been smacked. She tried to close her legs, but Maria held them open with one hand. Fuck, right, no swearing. ”I’m sorry Miss Maria, I’ll be good, I’ll be good,” Stellar begged, her legs shaking against the dog’s palm; maybe she’d get hit again for good behavior.

What a pipe dream that was.

Maria laughed and spread Stellar’s legs again, kissing the spot she’d just spanked. ”I don’t believe you for a second, Crown,” she said, squeezing the smaller woman’s hip, ”but I’ll treat you like a good girl anyway.” Maria kissed Stellar again, licking and nuzzling where thigh met ass, before diving tongue first into her cunt.

Stellar moaned and wrapped her legs around Maria’s neck; her body was on fire, and only Maria's tongue could put it out.
Quote:Stellar and Maria manage to track down the giant they've been hired to kill, but it doesn't quite go as planned.
WC: 2548

Stellar’s thoughts began to wander as she watched the hidden cave entrance, already bored out of her mind. She wished she was still lounging in the river with Maria, the woman’s large, pale hands massaging her scalp. It had been a nice, quiet moment, full of gentle kissing and touching; it had to be, otherwise Maria couldn’t even get the coyote in the water. Stellar had a past with baths. A past that involved being shoved into a rusted, metal tub filled with old water, all for the crime of coming home late and dirty. The water was always cold, and her mother’s hands were only gentle because they had to be. They didn’t beat their kids like some of the other parents on their street did.

One of Maria’s buzzards cawed overhead, pulling Stellar from her thoughts. Her eyes snapped to the entrance of the cave just in time to see a black-tipped tail disappear into the darkness. When she looked up again, the vulture stopped circling and flew in the direction of their other lead; once Maria spotted him at her lookout point, they’d meet at the only visible entrance—and exit—to the cave. Stellar thanked her lucky stars that that goddamn bird was a better lookout than she was, whichever one it was.

Probably Eon—the dog woman always kept Epoch close, given his tendency to wander. Eon was also older and more experienced, which made him great backup when Stellar couldn’t do the one job Maria had given her. She was such a fuckup without Abbott around to keep her in check; she hated whatever primal urge forced him to be up her ass and in her business all the time, but at least it kept her focused.

Stellar padded down the hill as quickly and quietly as she could, before hiding behind the large, old oak tree they’d marked while scouting. Once she saw Maria, she’d move up to the cave entrance. They were less likely to be caught that way, and while Stellar was pretty sure they could take down an overgrown wolf on their own, she didn’t want to start the fight without her companion. A series of twin calls pulled her attention skyward, one after the other after the other; she could just see Epoch and Eon through the branches. Searching the clearing for Maria, she spotted the large, white dog crouched behind a boulder near the opposite treeline.

They shared a nod—it was time to get to work.

The hunters sneaked toward the cave’s hidden entrance, their weapons drawn defensively. Once upon a time, Stellar would have wanted nothing more than to charge in swinging to get her reward; now she knew better than to compromise the few morals she had left for some meat. Good men and bad men alike lied when they thought it could solve their problems; she doubted the lunatic who locked Abbott up would be an exception.

Sunlight danced across the tunnel’s dirt and stone walls, illuminating the old, dead roots of a tree that no longer existed. Maria went first, holding her shepherd’s axe in two hands like the head-splitter it was. She’d gotten it from a European trader when they’d last gone to Portland for supplies, like most of the strange weapons she’d collected. Or when Maria and Abbott had, the coyote supposed; she hadn’t stepped foot in that godforsaken city since the day she left it.

Stellar followed a few steps behind Maria and tried to keep her footsteps light. She twirled the head of her club in absent circles, the spikes stained ruddy with rust and old blood; she gave as much of a shit about her things as she did about herself. Abbott didn’t like that, but he wasn’t here right now to complain. Stellar ducked her head to hide a growing smirk, just in time to spot a thin rope suspended between the tunnel’s walls. ”Wait, stop,” she whispered, putting one hand on Maria’s shoulder—she’d almost triggered the trap. The rope lead up the wall, along the ceiling, and deeper into the cave.

The night-eyed woman froze, her breath catching her throat. ”Thanks, she said, her voice low and rumbling in her chest. ”When it snaps… A bell, maybe?” Maria glanced over her shoulder at Stellar, and the smaller woman nodded. That, or something to lock them out before they got too close. A dangerous trap would be more obvious once they’d spotted it, like a barbed wire net on the ceiling or a pit that would crumble beneath their feet, and it wouldn’t need to lead further into the cave.

Either the “mindless oaf” they were tracking wasn’t as mindless as the alpha said, or he wasn’t hiding out here alone.

They stepped over the trap with slow, careful steps and continued down the tunnel. When the sunlight was almost gone, its rays fading into the gloom of the cave, Maria turned a corner that glowed with distant firelight; the main room of the cave, most likely. Each step took them closer and closer to their destination, the scent of… Meat? Wafting toward them from deeper within the cave. Someone was cooking something—maybe they’d share.

A shrill shriek broke the air when Maria stepped out of the tunnel, a metal platter clanging against the hard ground. Its owner was a tiny, shaking man, a jackal with red-brown eyes that glowed orange near the fire. His clothes were fancy like a merchant’s, but tattered, and he looked absolutely nothing like the giant. Stellar blanched beneath her fur; she’d seen him, not their quarry, and hadn’t been paying enough attention to know the difference

Maria frowned and raised an eyebrow at the anxiety radiating off her partner, but didn’t say anything; she didn’t need to. ”I’m sorry sir, we didn’t mean to intrude. We were just looking for a… Giant.” The dog woman froze as a large shadow fell over them; it had a slow, lumbering gait, but its owners footsteps were near-silent. Stellar squeezed the second club on her hip, orange eyes meeting Maria’s in the firelight. ”And I think we found him. Is he a friend of yours?” she asked the jackal, who’d started feverishly wringing his hands

He glanced up at the giant behind their backs, a question on his pointed face. Whatever he saw seemed to calm him—or at least stop him from pissing himself. ”Y-Yes, he’s a… He’s a fr-fr-friend. Ri-ight Foucault?” the jackal asked, scrubbing thin fingers through his golden hair. The giant grunted behind them, his shadow nodding overhead. Then, silence. ”F-Foucault, I know you ge-et nervous around str-str-strangers, but I think they’re… W-Well, you know.” The jackal stared up at the giant with pleading eyes and clasped his hands together. Another grunt, another nod.

”Yes. I… I know,” Foucault said, his foreign accent as thick as a pot of honey and twice as deep. His breathing sounded labored, and maybe even a little painful. ”They… hunt me. Like… a lame bull who’s escaped his pasture. Does the alpha… want me in chains today? Or does he want my head again?” Stellar shared another look with Maria; not only was he not a mindless oaf, he was pretty well-spoken.

”Your head,” Stellar said, taking her hand off her club as she turned around. The giant was a wolf, his black fur turning white with age, and his skull rivaled the bull he'd compared himself to; he certainly fit the alpha's description. ”He promised us an elk for it, showed us first and everything.” The jackal began to shake again, his massive ears trying and failing to disappear. Foucault held a hand out, seemingly to calm his friend, and raised an eyebrow at her.

”We’re… Not going to, though. I promise.” Stellar glanced at Maria, who nodded and gave her a thumbs up at her hip. The orange-eyed woman wasn’t used to soothing words and empty promises; that had always been Abbott’s job. ”On one condition. He said you killed his men—we need to know why, and why we shouldn’t kill you for it.” Maria shot Stellar a sharp glance, but the coyote didn’t care. If Foucault answered wrong, they’d get their reward. Abbott always scolded her for telling them first; she thought it was the right thing to do, in some weird, fucked up way.

The jackal froze, his tail tucked so tightly that Stellar worried it would fly up his ass. ”Talal, please relax. At least… the girl asks, and she is right to ask. When men become monsters… and kill other men without cause… they must be culled.” Talal nodded and slinked past the hunters, scrambling up Foucalt’s back like a squirrel climbing a tree. Stellar snorted and ducked her head; now that was something new. ”What… do you want to know?” The giant asked, a ghost of a smile shining above the firelight.

His voice was kind and warm, like… Shit, like Henrietta’s father. Stellar hissed through her teeth at the memory; when was the last time she’d thought of Henrietta, the girl two buildings over in Portland? He was the only good dad she’d ever met as a kid, but… Christ. Jesus motherfucking Christ. Stellar took a deep breath and returned to the task at hand, burying the memories as easily as she’d snuffed out cigarettes; she still wasn’t sure how Abbott got her to stop smoking.

Not important, back to the job. What did she want to know? Stellar tapped her foot against the ground and rubbed the back of her neck, looking like the opposite of a professional monster hunter. ”The alpha said you were a laborer. Stupid, but obedient. Then one day you snapped, killed a couple of guards, and kidnapped the other… Oh shit, that’s you. Maria huffed in displeasure, but Stellar shrugged. The four letter word just slipped out; that meant it wasn’t her fault.

Foucault helped Talal climb onto his shoulders, the jackal’s legs swinging idly as settled. ”Yes I’m… Y-Yes, I was a s-servant too. Or a slave, I-I guess. We u-used to be servants until w-we were sold.” Stellar bristled, and the jackal began to shake again on Foucault’s shoulders. Then, realization dawned on Talal’s tapered features. The jackal leaned forward, his arms hanging loosely over his friend’s chest, and smiled. ”Y-You… You didn’t kno-ow, miss?” The coyote scowled and shook her head; of course she didn’t know. Talal’s smile grew, and she hated it for no good reason.

Stellar’s head was all fucked up now. They’d been hired by a fucking slaver. She wanted to storm out of the cave, through the woods, and back to the village so she could strangle the bastard with her bare hands. Fucking… Fucking draw and quarter him in the street. Before she could act on her anger, Maria reached out and squeezed her wrist. Right, right—talk now, kill later.

Foucault hummed in thought, the sound rumbling through the cave like distant thunder. ”We… We didn’t know either. I wasn’t sure… I could trust our new employer. But I never would have imagined her a slaver. We don’t work for... Or with... Slavers.” He seemed pleased by Stellar’s reaction, but it didn’t last long; the wheels in his head were already turning again.

The coyote woman nodded and glanced at Maria. ”Yeah, we don’t either. So I’m guessing that’s how you ended up in that dump of a village? Your shitty boss sold you to a lunatic?” Stellar asked, gesturing past Foucault to the cave exit; that was the only thing that made any sense. Maria looked like she had half a mind to insist they “discuss the job in private,” but she just grumbled and looked away instead.

Talal nodded, the stress melting off of him as she spoke. ”Y-Yes, she did. She… Sh-She said the alpha was her b-business partner. When we got far enough away from Portland, h-her g-guards attacked us. Foucault is str-strong, but he’s slow. I-I would have b-been fast enough to ge-et away, but I couldn’t leave F-Foucault behind,” he explained, hugging the giant’s giant head. After a few seconds of silence, he added, "W-We should have known she was a s-slaver, too."

Foucault reached up and cupped Talal’s face in one, massive hand. ”Talal is right... And I couldn’t have left him… Even if I’d had the choice.” The pair shared a smile so fond, so loving, that it kind of made Stellar want to puke. Like, it was just so… So sweet. Ugh. Thankfully, they stopped making moon eyes at each other before she lost her lunch. ”That… Is why we need your help.” Foucault turned to glance over his shoulder, slow enough that he wouldn’t disturb Talal. ”We have a plan… To kill the alpha, but no one else… Has agreed to help.”

Now that was what Stellar wanted to hear. Grinning up at the pair, she imagined all the wonderful, gruesome ideas they might have. Maybe Foucault was going to crush his head like a piece of fruit, or Talal was going to poison his food, or something even more fucked up than that. ”Of course we’ll help you kill the alpha! That bastard slaver locked our friend up in his gross ass keep, he deserves whatever—hey!” Maria grabbed the back of Stellar’s neck, scruffing her like a pup, and pulled her backwards.

”I’m sorry, my partner and I need to have a private conversation,” the dog woman said, glaring at Stellar like she didn’t know whether to beat her or fuck her. Then, after a moment of tense silence, she smiled at Foucault and Talal. ”But we will help you, if we can.” Maria released Stellar’s scruff and pushed her toward the mouth of the tunnel, just hard enough to make her stumble; the orange-eyed woman would have glared back, would have still been glaring back, if it wasn’t so hot.

Once Stellar had been marched out of the cave, Maria pinned her against the nearest tree and nipped at her throat. She scolded her for all the things she’d fucked up, from not paying attention to swearing like a sailor, but all Stellar could think about was the dog’s knee between her legs; maybe if Maria didn’t get so hot and bothered whenever she pissed her off, the coyote would piss her off less.

A shrill, startled yelp broke their fucked up reverie, followed by frantic, descending footsteps. Stellar snorted into Maria's ear—poor Talal.

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