[RO] Shifting Tides
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<p>The white woman had pondered her symptoms in the last few weeks. Lately, she had found that she was easily exhausted, and many foods that she once found enjoyable now made her stomach churn uncomfortably. Now, staring at her reflection she saw that her stomach was larger than normal, and her teats were growing larger and darker. In a moment it all became clear: She was with child.

<p>She approached Eskasoni with a heavy heart, letting him know that she had to leave him. He was a grown man now, able to take care of himself and create his own future, even though the two of them had never been apart for long. The Creator had a new path for her, and that path did not involve her son. He would have to find his own way, without her by his side.

<p> Her path involved moving to a pack, and being surrounded by the traitors who lead to the destruction of their world. But it was necessary. While she did not agree with wolves or the religions surrounding most packs, it was important for the pups in her belly to be with their father. They needed to gain knowledge of both life-givers to understand their own futures and figure out their place in the world. Once the pups had been weaned, then she and the father could take turns raising them, and she could return to her way of life once more.

<p>Beatrix and Eskasoni said their goodbye by pressing their forehead together. <b>"<i>Atiu</i>,"</b> she whispered. She then turned her back to head towards her new future. She headed to the border of a large pack nearby, where she had last seen the man.

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