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Exploration was always a joy for her, even when it was only whilst she was confined to the clearing that marked the Butler settlement, a drowsy little corner nestled comfortably between forest and city. Her father had promised to release her from the constraints of the groaning walls, if only she were to behave – and the child had, having been so eager to journey out and enjoy one of the rarities of the south, a genuinely sunny day. Simply by glancing at the bright squares of window, she could tell the snow was still fresh upon the ground, enhancing the sunlight to a tantalizingly bright level of radiance that illuminated the house, the light itself being cold, invigorating, beckoning and urging her to venture out.

She was so eager, and with her tail wagging wildly enough to make her rump sway in sync, the child bounded back to her father, dark claws clicking chaotically as her feet danced, shuffling in an eager jig signifying she was ready to be out. “Papa, are you almost ready yet?” Why did adult always seem to take so long to prepare? It remained a mystery to her. She couldn’t possibly understand why her sire wouldn’t be just as eager as she, when it was such a splendid day to be spent outside, and in her company.
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Never before had the shepherd male considered spending time with his children anything less than pleasant. Typically, it was an experience he was more than eager to carry out, and always left him feeling delighted. He loved the little ones dearly, and any time with them was well spent.
Though when it came to releasing the rambunctious Vivienne, mere planned adventures became more of a chore.
The Englishdog loved her no less than her siblings (even Basil, who he often doubted could even possibly be his offspring, if not for Aoves' obvious fidelity and the mutt's clear merle marking and species), but letting her loose to explore the outdoors brought danger to anything and anybody within a mile radius; if something particular shiny, distracting, or otherwise peaceful came into view, the russet damsel was destined to disturb it. At least, Harvey was convinced of this.
To him, giving the pup the benefit of the doubt was dangerous, a careless act when one was aware of her vibrant personality. The Brit had learned to expect everything, and give as little chances to destroy as possible.

That was the reason behind the lengthy preparation.
Slowly, collectively, painfully, the cockney male dragged himself from his position, even giving a heavy sigh as he neared his dancing daughter. "Aye, love... He huffed, before pulling himself together and attempting an excited smile. "I'm rea'y. Ya god t' 'ead out then?" He asked, hoping there was maybe just one more thing Vivienne needed to get done before she left.
...Something was going to go wrong, he just knew it.
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