[DONE] wiki resources reorganizing & revamping
[html]<h2>Resources and Guides Reorganizing</h2>
So, our Resources sections on the Wiki are pretty scattered. D:
We have the super-long, super-difficult-to-digest <a href="http://wiki.soulsrpg.com/index.php?n=Resources.Resources">Resources page</a>, as well as the <a href="http://wiki.soulsrpg.com/index.php?n=Souls.MemberGuides">Member Guides</a> section -- which, confusingly enough, is actually under the <a href="http://wiki.soulsrpg.com/index.php?n=Souls.Souls"><em>'Souls</em></a> category (the Member Guides existed before we had a Resources section). Eek!
We're hoping to alleviate some of the scattering here, and separate stuff out as well as get it a little more organized. As this is on the Wiki -- we were hoping you lovely editor-folks would help us out!

<h3>Splitting Up the Resources List Page</h3>
<p>We'd like to remove all of the actual <em>resources</em> from this page. The <a href="http://wiki.soulsrpg.com/index.php?n=Resources.Resources">Resources page</a> should only link to other Wiki pages under the Resources category. The other Wiki pages will have the actual external resources. Possible Example sections include:
<li>'Souls Specific Resources: Including official resources as well as member-created resources. This page will also include the Member Guides.</li>
<li>Design and Image Resources</li>
<li>Roleplaying Resources: Generic RP resources not made specifically for 'Souls.</li>
<li>Miscellaneous Resources: The "Real Life" and "Technology" resource lists can go here.</li>
<p>We are okay with changing up the organization! Minor edits you can make as you work -- major proposals should be discussed, as always.</p>

<h3><s>Moving and Redirecting Member Guides</s></h3>
<p><s>We'd like to move all of the <a href="http://wiki.soulsrpg.com/index.php?n=Souls.MemberGuides">Member Guides</a> to the Resources section for consistent URLs.</s></p>

<li><s>Please <b>redirect</b> the old Member Guide URL to the new one.</s> -- Sidebar link also updated</li>
<li><s>Please simplify any complex or incorrect Member Guide page URLs -- for instance, <a href="http://wiki.soulsrpg.com/index.php?n=Souls.WolfGuide">Wolf Roleplaying</a> actually has a URL of "WolfGuide" on the Wiki. When you create a new page under the Resources section, fix that if you'd be so kind.</s></li>

<h3>Add the Species Pages to the Resources Section</h3>
<p>We'd like to duplicate the list of Wiki Species pages (they're on the <a href="http://rpguide.soulsrpg.com">RP Guide</a>) to a <b>Species</b> page under the Resources section.</p>
<p>Currently, one has to navigate to the RP Guide to see a complete list, and then open up the Species pages on the Wiki. It's annoying to navigate through two different websites, and since species don't change frequently, we may as well duplicate the list on the RP Guide and the Wiki!</p>

<h3><s>Move all /resources/ Member Resources</s></h3>
<s>Move all member resources still hosted on the deprecated <a href="http://soulsrpg.com/resources/">old resources site</a> to the Wiki except the Word Counter. Each resource should have its own page. Here are the resources to be moved over:</s>
<li><s><a href="http://soulsrpg.com/resources/relationships/">Relative Relations chart</a>. Please note, it may be <b>very</b> difficult to re-code this for the Wiki. You may wish to leave this for an advanced Wiki coder.</s></li>
<li><s><a href="http://soulsrpg.com/resources/map/">Landform Map</a>.</s></li>
<li><s><a href="http://soulsrpg.com/resources/tags/">Thread Tags</a>.</s></li>
<p><s>Redirected old html pages.</s></p>

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