[P] The mark of a Dragon
Zibiah, Rabbit Lake
The water was so clear, so inviting, and yet it was too clear to be touched. He feared it was but a fragile mirror that all it took was one touch to crack it. It was as if Aphrodite's mirror was left on this earth to show case nature's truest form of beauty. Sights like this were rare in his homeland. SO many would leap into water disturbing the once so peaceful place of wonder. Each fish that once had been living with themselves were the n dispersed and it angered Will to see them leave. The sight would even turn his mother's eyes watery as his father would simply thank the gods for this. His sister and her mate would most likely leap in to ruin Will's peace.

No matter he was by himself for now with his suit on. As he looked into the water his reflection could be seen and so far after some well earned sleep and grooming Will looked even better. A little more confidant. Not arrogant but confidant in his looks. And it appeared the little bird drumming behind him was also pleased with the smile the dog wore upon his maw. It was a well deserved feeling of joy and rest. He could have never had done this without the help of his companions.

Perhaps today Will would sing a lullaby to bless the land that he stood upon. Yes that seemed most appropriate as he retrieved his violin. The music began as Will howled along letting nature soak in the song's beauty and adding it to its own. Beethoven himself would be proud of the canine as all composers share an unspoken bond that many could not understand. Or that was how Will felt.

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