Vote 'Souls!

Vote 'Souls!

What is Voting?

Voting is an action used on topsites, topsites are lists of websites on a genre. Some topsites are wolf, writing, or RPG-related; on these, we list 'Souls! In order to get to the #1 spot, people click a referral link to the topsite, effectively giving that website a "vote." The website with the most votes gets to be #1 on the list!

How Do I Vote?

Voting is easy! Below, there is a list of topsites that 'Souls is a part of. In order to vote, all you have to do is click on the link for the topsite. For many of them, that's it! For a few, you have to also click on the button that says "Click Here to Enter" or "Click here to vote," but it's easy! You have just voted for 'Souls. :) You can vote once every day!

You can vote daily in a number of topsites just by clicking! If you've only got time for two or three, that's fine! If you've got time to go through the whole list, even better!

Verify your participation by responding to the thread with the number of topsites you voted in each day. If you have a RPGFix account and voted in RPGFix's topsite list that day, mention and link it for an extra point since RPGFix counts votes double if you have an account. You can actually vote on RPGFix specifically twice a day, but please only post to this thread once a day (ET). Thank you!

List of Topsites

Here is a list of topsites we are listed in, as well as our current rank in each of them. Click on the name of the topsite to vote!

Many sites only require you click on the link below, with no manual voting required! Don't worry if you click on a link and don't see a voting portal. :)

Super Topsites

These topsites are BIG and have a lot of EXPOSURE.

Game Topsites

These topsites are game related.

Wolfy Topsites

These topsites are wolf, canine, animal, or werewolf related.


Have a topsite that we aren't listed in that you think we should be? Feel free to reply here with your suggestion!
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