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MS/SP HFF : Coast #3 [Faizel, Leonardo]
Optime || Fore-dated May 15, late-morning || Northern Wildwood [ 577 ]

MS/SP Horse Event || Coast #3 || +12 Contest Points for y'all :)

NPCs: Thanos, Saul (with permission)

Let me know if anything needs changing, y’all! And, Raze, lemme know if this table is a no-go for you! Tried to move this along, figured we could get 3 posts and a thousand words easy xD

The island had been abuzz with activity. Ever since the herds were discovered and their numbers marked, the pack had been busy with preparations. Decisions had been made, maps had been drawn, and a message had been sent out to one of the pack’s earliest allies, a group that had helped them out during their foundation. It was time that they repaid them for their help. Sapient had arrived the day before. The meet-and-greets had gone well from what the Cygnus observed, in addition, she got to see a few familiar faces. With everyone introduced and settled in, the leaders had divided their members into groups for the days that were to follow.

Skana led the Sapien trio that she had been paired with for the day on foot. As one of the islanders, she knew the general area where the Coast herd could be found. Her husband’s mount, Saul, trailed behind her on a lead, carrying ropes for the horses, her emergency medic bag, and a few other bags of various items so that the group’s hands were free and their bodies unburdened. The elk was happy to accompany the Luperci, enjoying the good long trek in spite of being a mule for their gear. They had been in luck that bull was no longer as irritable as he had been now that his antlers had been shed.

Thanos flew high and silently overhead, his head moving every so often when his sensitive ears or keen eyes spotted something below. He was not alone though. It had been good thinking on Sapient’s part, to bring some of their own birds. There were so few within Midnight Shores, and the groups would need all the help they could get in early warning of the herds’ locations and groupings so that the Luperci below could form plans of attack easier.

The forest gradually gave way to open plains, and Skana stirred them towards the distant coastline. “It shouldn’t be much farther,” Skana announced, looking over her shoulder to make sure no one of the group had trailed behind. They had engaged in a bit of conversation up until that point, so, the awkwardness of being around strangers had worn off a bit. The Coast herd was one of the closer ones to Midnight Shores, so, they had had little worry of their conversations becoming stretched thin over the distance it took for them to arrive at their location.

They traveled a ways before Thanos eased back and down from his high elevation in the sky. He landed on Saul’s blanketed back, shuffling his talons and flapping his wings as the elk slowed to a stop at his perching. “On coast, up ‘head. Some play. Some eat.” The avian reported in his raspy voice. His golden gaze flicked from Skana to the other Luperci, waiting for their further command on what the birds should do.

Skana let her glacier gaze dance from Leonardo to the siblings, Faizel and Benjamin. “My expertise ends here, I’m afraid,” she apologized, running a soothing hand along the elk’s neck, “My only experience with mounts has been with Saul here.” She had little to no interaction with horses, but, the medic was more than willing to be an extra body. Where she lacked in horse knowledge, she excelled in teamwork and hunting techniques. She could corral and she could herd, she only needed direction.

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300+ ; NPCs → Benjamin, Koray Thanks for starting, Song! And the table is fine, yours are always readable. ♥ Also idk what I'm doing it is it obvious.

Faizel understood little of the history between Sapient and Midnight Shores, but she was determined to continue to prove her worth to her pack. While the tumultrous period of the earthquakes and waves had settled and allowed the Kartals to settle, too, she'd never stopped working.

Part of her thought that, the more she threw herself into tasks, the sooner Sapient would feel like home.

Benjamin, meanwhile, faced no such troubles. He was content to lounge around all day, sneaking off to explore, flirting with any individual of any gender who passed by their room, and generally being a nuisance to the Kartals and their precarious reputation. When his siblings took the ship to the island, he followed -- and then began following the Midnighters and causing them grief. Faizel all but dragged him by the ear to the Wildwoods, insistant that he do something while they were here on this little quest.

Luckily, the siblings had fallen into a likeminded group -- as Benjamin had brought Koray to help scout. The little tawny owl was unhappy about being roused at the hour, and even unhappier when they were accompanied by the red-tailed hawk who'd harassed him before, but Benji's encouragement and general good spirits seemed to settle him. The bird perched on his shoulder and made soft noises as they walked.

Benji, for his part, made enough conversation for the four of them -- including making his own attempt at talking to the other owl and the elk in their tongues -- but when the large bird circled back to report, he was blessedly silent.

Faizel settled on her haunches when they stopped; she'd chosen her Lupus form for this venture, as it afforded her the most endurance. She, too, deferred to someone else; her robin's egg gaze flicked to Leonardo. I can outlast most things, she said after a pause. I chased animals in the desert for miles -- I can wear out a horse.

And once they're worn out, they're easy, Benjamin offered, grinning. We can send the birds out again to choose one, and Faizel can run it down so we can corral it.

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