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His girls had been on the earth for an entire two months! They'd grown so much and had become so much like little adults in an incredibly short space of time. They spoke now too, grammatically incorrect and yet understandable babbles, "Riddle did this" and "Harley did that". They were beginning to eat meat now too, though Mads still had to chew it down to mush for their little teeth to be able to carve through it. But they were voracious and he didn't expect it to take long for them to graduate onto eating solid food for real. Their eyes were changing too, or at least, Harley's were. It confirmed what they already knew, that the darker girl was, in fact, an Ibsen by blood. Her eyes were losing their baby blue shine and fading rapidly to a glossy silver shade. A tiny duplicate of Mads' moonshine orbs. Riddle's showed no signs of changing, staying solidly blue, just like her mother's. It had been her coat that had given her away. While it wasn't a far cry from her sister's colour palette there was a telltale hint of copper in her pelt... Just like her older brothers, though Mads didn't voice his suspicions to Moon.

It didn't matter to Mads. As far as the Dane was concerned, both girls were his. No questions asked.

He took great joy in taking them out into the world, as he was doing today, answering their questions, which were usually 'Wassdat?!' shouted energetically while they bounded straight into the item in question. Yup, they were definitely Moon's kids. And the introduction of Mads' genetics didn't do anything to help either. Watching them crash headlong into things made him worry for the safety of the other Courtier's shins...
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