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Colibri's sexual orientation and mate preferences weren't subjects she'd ever shown interest in. She had never considered the possibility that her sister might've liked other females and while the revelation did come as a surprise, Lilin merely brushed it off with a shrug of her shoulders. The chocolate Hollr's rocky past and the abuse she'd endured at the hands of the opposite gender gave her every reason to. While the Virding had fashioned an exemplary lifestyle by pairing herself with a supportive mate and a loving father to her three children, she couldn't help but wonder what having a relationship with another female would be like. Her curiosity dwindled down when Oak's mother was brought into the equation. Lilin had yet to meet the female in question but she knew Saul had personally welcomed her into their ranks.

A quirked brow advertised the right amount of astonishment; the only form of acknowledgment she gave Colibri's disclosure. Her silence was maintained, piecing together information as her half-sibling delved into her troubled past. Coli had always been one to keep things to herself but this time, confessions were given to her gratuitously. As the story went on, Lilin couldn't help but feel indebted to Anu - a woman who'd been capable of raising respectful children in a disrespectful world. A kindred soul who'd saved Coli from the murderous jaws of their father. She never would have admitted to such a thing in front of her sibling, now knowing the circumstances surrounding their separation and why Colibri had left her previous pack and adopted the life of a loner. Lilin wanted to ask about their relationship and the pregnancy that had torn them apart, but she knew better. Her sister was visibly upset enough.

Her children mirrored their cousin's reactions, halting their play time to glance back at their aunt with perplexed expressions; heads tilting as Colibri's growl ascended and reached a higher note. The Hollr's story came to an end, making room for questioning that momentarily caught the Virding off guard. Lilin was about to open her mouth and answer when Colibri continued on, belittling her life's worth and consequently coaxing a flustered growl to erupt from the Soulstorm heir's maw. Dealing with overly emotional individuals had never been her forte and while she tried her best to accept Colibri for who she was, Lilin couldn't control the anger from taking over. It was too late to stop her right hand from striking her sister's face, her open palm aiming to collide with her cheek. ''Shut up! I've had enough of your whining. If you want to be a better person, start by respecting yourself and remembering that your words have consequences,'' she countered, her mediterranean blue orbs ablaze with indignation.

"You have a family that loves you. A place to call home. Stop living in the past and start being thankful for what you do have," she continued, her tone of voice making her suggestion sound like more of a command.

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