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With the setting sun came a sky of fire, the orange of every hearth. As if the Gods graffitied rainbow-flame upon the evening sky, the sunset came in its boldest blaze. Time passed, and as the sun continued to descend, twilight was upon the Godfather. Twilight came as a tangible whisper of the stars to come, singing its sweet lullaby to the hues of daylight so that they may rest with starlit dreams. Hades had come to his favorite place within Salsola, and coincidentally this is where he had met a couple of pack members. The western coast was beautiful, especially at sunset. A million sparkles danced on the surface of the water, giving the impression of stars dancing atop the dark waters.

Hades enjoyed the view but had enjoyed the bottle of booze he had within his grasp much more. The situation between Till, Amos, and himself had become strange, and the Godfather needed time to think about what he truly wanted. Hades sat with his back resting against the same tree he had met Catalina, for this was the most comfortable place to sit. Hades brought the bottle to his lips, taking another swig of its contents. A soft sigh escaped him as he eyed the second, unopened bottle. Perhaps sitting near the water getting drunk was a bad idea, but Hades didn't care right now.


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Darkness consumed her. Eating at her soul and seeping into her pores. Salmon orbs flickered about the moonlit path, as she hastily stamped out a smoke, large— radar like ears— begun to pick up sounds around her.

Birds settling down. The sounds of distant hooves, even the faint howl from miles away. No danger, much to her dismay. Cream clawed hand, reached and grabbed the thick coat and wrapped it tightly around her shoulders. Her own children weren’t around, and even then— she had kept herself holed up doing dirty, nasty things with Eden.

Her heat was over— or almost— and the Aston-D’Noires decided it was about time she ventured out for a little fun. It wasn’t any fun with Eden since she didn’t have to drug him, for the sex this time. Multiple hours upon hours, and then she was doing the normal family thing... Ugh! How boring she had become!

A distinct smell touched her nostrils. Faint, and flitted by with a breeze. Someone familiar, perhaps. Gently, she approached the scent, and her eyes were met with a sitting figure of the large burnt orange colored man. From the shadows— she concealed herself, and gently approached. Paw pads falling lightly on the stoned beach.

Hades was drinking, and the Aston femme was somewhat feeling as though a drink might satisfy her as well. The only issue was her heat— but she wasn’t ashamed. Instead, she was quite comfortable with it. Cream claws shot up to her hood, and flicked it back— a breeze blowing the bottom of her cloak. And she grinned.

Hello. A practical purr, erupted from her mouth.
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Hades had left his home in Portland to spend his life with Till, and yet he couldn't bring himself to propose official mateship to the man. Hades may not have been a lowly Associate anymore, now welcomed as one of Salsola's family, but even his step up in rank wasn't good enough. Till deserved much more than to marry someone beneath him. Hades took a long drink from the bottle, his mind going in circles as he contemplated the situation at hand. Hades was doing his best to make a positive name for himself within Salsola. He was determined to make his sponsor Eden proud and bring good fortune to both the Ars Paulina and the Ulrich names.

A heavy sigh escaped him as his booze finally started to hit, his worries seemed to slip away the more he drank, and that was good enough for him. Hades knew he didn't have a drinking problem, but he had problems all the same. The alcohol took those problems and removed them to be dealt with another day, and for that, he was thankful. Dark-rimmed ears pricked at soft scuffling not far from where he had been seated. 'It's probably just a rabbit or something.' he thought to himself. Hades took in the scents that wafted on the breeze, and a particular scent caught his attention.

He was drunk, and his senses weren't as sharp as they usually were. Perhaps if he were sober, he wouldn't have been snuck up on by the Aston woman. 'Hello' she all but purred to him. Hades sat silent for a few moments, her scent and the booze making him slow to react. He awkwardly cleared his throat and gave his most charming smile to the earthen-toned woman. "Good evening. What has you out so late? The godfather said, focusing more on sounding out the words than he normally would have. The Russian accent shined through much stronger now that he was half in the bottle.


Code by Lorr@SoulsRPG; Art by LilPupSpongeCake@Furaffinity
The burnt colored man was staring at her almost seductively. Perhaps he had not realized what state she was in. Not yet anyways, it would seem.

As she approached there was a moment of time that she regretted leaving the safety of her home with Eden, but now she was enthralled with his reaction. He didn’t seem to notice, or perhaps— the booze masked her heat in the air. A sly smile flickered onto her maw, and her pink eyes shined brightly all over his body.

Stopping short of staring at where his male part was, she blinked and looked up at his face. Ears folded forwards then backwards, curiosity grew out of her. However, perhaps, she had better answer him. Instead of being silent, instead of staring at him calmly. Eerily.

I could not sleep. A statement as she licked her lips, and then stepped closer towards him. Why are you out here? Cocking her head to the left, she stepped closer once again. Drinking by yourself? A small smile flitted upon her maw. Perhaps... I could be of company?

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