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Morrow | Wabanaki Coast
[SL] Jobs – Milite Wrote:Act as a guard at an event or while accompanying a Salsolan or Salsolan party beyond the pack’s borders. Be vigilant and aware of your surroundings. If traveling, make sure you and your fellow Salsolan(s) are safe and don’t make yourselves an easy target while on the move or when setting up camp somewhere.
Optime | Wabanaki Coast | Dated: Early October; early evening | NPCs: Bones, Fig, & Plum

Kamari’s scent is disguised.

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Kamari had not expected to find herself traveling away from Salsola again so quickly after returning. The world did not stop spinning on account of her though, nor did the Kingdom’s enemies wait for when it was most convenient. She’d packed lightly for the short venture, taking only what she could comfortably carry within a backpack. Mostly, it’d just been the basics for travel; fire-starting materials, some provisions, basic medical supplies, and an extra knife. Kamari herself had worn her usual gear for such outings; her hooded cloak, and, beneath it, nondescript, loose clothing that disguised her true figure, leather bracers, and her weaponry.

On her way out of the Kingdom, she’d enlisted the Hound, Tradesman Morrow, to join her on her mission. They had not worked together beyond the border since before she’d been injured, and Kamari had been curious to see how he’d recovered since the Mireblades. His rise in the ranks suggested that he had not let the incident and the things he’d seen hinder his work ethic, however, Kamari had wanted to see for herself that Morrow was thriving and not merely suffering in secret. Though she would never admit it aloud, she had a soft spot for the young man that had become a student of sorts to her.

It had been early evening when Kamari’s pace slowed. Her cornflower blue eyes studied the passing forest around them, noting the ever-darkening shadows of the woodland as nightfall quickly approached. It would be another hour, if not a little more, before darkness engulfed them entirely in her element. The Salsolan pair had been traveling since dawn, and, while Kamari had certainly traveled further before, she saw little point in continuing any further. By her judgement, they were more or less half-way to their destination of Saint John, and another hour or two of travel would not significantly anything.

Kamari’s silent steps eventually stopped altogether, and she turned her hooded head to find her companion. “Bedlam,” she called, summoning the Hound’s attention by the name of his alias. “Let’s stop here for the night. If you secure the area, I’ll see about finding us dinner and a good place to set up camp that’s away from the trail.” With his nose, she needn’t worry about Morrow being unable to find her.

Overhead, Bones and her two followers were perched on branches, and they squawked as they waited directions of their own. Turning her eyes up to them, Kamari commanded in Arabic, Yuaminu. Mueaskar.

The smaller raven bobbed acceptingly of the order, and the trio of ravens dispersed into different directions.

With the birds gone, Kamari returned her attention to Morrow. “Make sure we haven’t been followed,” she whispered so that only he could hear. Until they were able to confirm that they were alone, the Shadow was unwilling to drop the act of their aliases.

Kamari Kaiser
— The Shadow —
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It had taken some time to get used to sleeping indoors again. The place that he and Tate had chosen was bare and full of potential - perhaps with some labor and the right materials, they would be able to make something quite liveable out of it. The combination of good reliable shelter, regular food and steady progress in his training had gone beyond recovering Morrow's body, and into the realm of improving it. These days he was stronger and healthier than he had ever been in his life; his body felt solid and reliable, a tool and a weapon to be used as Salsola and his trusted superiors saw fit.

Because of this, and the general robustness that could be attributed to his muddled ancestry, the hound found it easy to keep up with Kamari and the black birds that heeded her commands. On four legs he could run for hours without tiring.

Still he could not afford to be arrogant. For as much as his body succeeded, so too did it fail. Its betrayal still stung, a relentless thorn in his side that grew evermore pressing with each successful mission. Soon enough someone would uncover his secret shame, and then all this training - all this progress - would be for nothing.

It was easy to keep these dour thoughts from his head as they travelled, if only because there were more important and immediate concerns to focus on. As two loners, Bedlam and Birch could move stealthily and quickly, unobstructed by the natural encumberance of a larger squadron. But their solitude also made them vulnerable, gave them the appearance of easy victimhood to any would-be aggressors on the long trade road.

Kamari had travelled this route countless times, and knew the perils well. For Morrow it was an exercise in observation - in seeing, rather than being seen.

"Yes sir!" At her instruction, Morrow ceased his ranging and came obediently to heel. Dusk was creeping in on the fringes of the forest, and would swiftly be followed by nightfall.

There was a suitable parcel of flatland that would serve them well for making camp, under the concealing cover of a large oak tree. As Kamari melted into the middling gloom, the hound set about securing the perimeter of the area as he had been trained - checking for scent markers or disturbances that would indicate nearby inhabitants, and branching out into a wider loop of the surrounding terrain.

Dry autumnal leaves, crisped up by the day's golden sunlight, crunched beneath his large paws. He had not the gift for walking silently, as the Spy did, but nevertheless he made some effort to avoid the larger piles of debris.

After a thorough investigation, Morrow's sensitive nose found no trace of would-be assailants. Satisfied with this, he trotted back toward the big oak. His stomach had begun to rumble in anticipation of dinner - that was the one downside to having put on growth and muscle. He was always hungry!


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