[bug] [fixed] Unusual Padding in Board Statistics
Wasn't sure if this would be considered a "quick fix" or not? Dx To me, it seemed like it might be? I definitely didn't think it was something that would require back-and-forth or a whole thread dedicated to it?

Location of Problem: Board Statistics
Description of Problem:
The "Most Replied To Threads" and "Most Viewed Threads" don't line up properly, and I'm pretty sure they should?
Link (if applicable): https://soulsrpg.com/forum/stats.php

This looks okay to me. Cache clear? :P
it was me. i broke it.
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That was the first thing I did. I've cleared on both desktop and mobile (just to see if it was something to do with my larger screen size), and it still has that weird extra padding on "Most Replied To Threads" Dx

When you're viewing it on mobile where it stacks, it's fine. View it as a Desktop Site, and it has the padding appear. On Desktop, the padding is seen on both Chrome and Firefox. Screen size doesn't appear to affect it until you make the window small enough for the areas to stack like they would for mobile normally.

Just to note too: I edited the original image (to be as a member/guest would see it) because it looks like the padding changes depending on who's viewing it. As a Mod, the padding is less noticeable than it is as a normal member/guest, because it shows more threads (in restricted areas)?
Can confirm that I'm seeing this same misalignment in Safari (v 15.1, if it matters) as what Song is seeing in Chrome and Firefox. I, too, have tried cache-clearing/hard refresh without improvement.

[Image: summersig.png]
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This is fixed.

(Also the "Board Statistics" section is no longer divided into thirds width-wise. Each column just takes up some amount of space such that everything fits nicely and there's no weird gap between each section. This is on purpose.)
it was me. i broke it.
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