[RO] This is reality now
You lift your chin a little higher - Open your eyes a little wider - Speak your mind a little louder

OOC: Takes place a few days after the Feast and Trial

Getting back home, back to the Library, was both a blessing and a curse. On one hand it was familiar; Luna and Vez grew up here in Wolfville, they knew the area better and had a nice set up in the big building to sleep. Plus it meant papa was closer to the things he liked, the things he could distract himself with. But on the other hand... the building didn't feel right. It felt empty, even when all three of them were in there, no matter what conversation the two children started, it never felt loud enough. To make things worse, as if they could somehow get worse, papa still wasn't responding to much at all and there wasn't as many family around this side of the pack for the two kids to rely on for help. Visitors were frequent, but not permenant, meaning at any given point either Luna or Vezda needed to be at home to keep an eye on their father. 

They weren't sure why it was so important to keep Borya under a watchful eye... perhaps the two children just didn't want to blink and lose another parent. 

Trotting back home with a package in her mouth; leather wrapped food to feed papa, made by aunty Zasha, Luna tried to keep her mind occupied. She dreamt forwards, rather than back, and thought about the mentorship they'd have soon. Training, learning, things the two Ancaran children seemed to relish in. Vezda might like to discuss it a bit over dinner, the boy was more easily bruised by current emotions so Luna had to step up to help him as well as their papa. It had taken a few days for Vezda to confess his feelings, a lot of pushing from Luna, revealing how the boy felt to blame for their mother's death. Luna couldn't have pulled harder on Vezda's ear and screamed at him for being so stupid. He'd not tried to say something like that since. 

But there was still time for more unwanted surprises. Just as Luna got to the library, she saw her large brother shoving through the doors in a huff, sitting a few feet from them so he was split between the illumination of moonlight and candlelight from inside. Luna frowned, dropping the package of food by the door before coming over to Vezda's side to sit. The girl didn't need to glance over to see that her brother was crying. She sighed quietly. 

"I hate this." Vezda mumbled, sniffing loudly. "I... I just want him back. I want her back." 

Luna hummed, molten eyes somehow incredibly interested in moon-lit stones by the front path. "I know." She responded. 

"It's just... everything was so happy... we were all so happy and now I... Luna I don't know if we'll be happy again. If papa will be." 

The girl glanced back through the open door, unable to make out where their father was no doubt slumped over a chair, as alive as a corpse. Spirit gone with their mother. Tears chilled the sides of her eyes, but with a blink she sent them away. 

"Things aren't gonna be the same Vez. But... we both know what we need to be. For papa. And for mama."

Vezda's breath hitched, as if he was about to sob, but the boy composed himself. "How can you just... not be upset?"

Luna scoffed lightly. "Oh I am, I'm miserable... I guess I just don't see much point in crying about it though. Not whilst we have so much to do. No time for being lazy. Ugh, I'd love to just lie down all day like before."

It got a laugh out of Vezda, prompting Luna to also smile a bit. 

"Yeah, this is really gonna push your limits, Luna." Vez remarked and took a deep breath. "... Thank you. I just... struggle to look at papa right now. He won't even talk to me in there."

"Well you can talk to me now. We still have each other. And... once papa is ready to see again, he'll realise that too."

"We'll be strong... strongest in Casa maybe. Make sure he has no reason to be scared again." Vezda remarked, getting back up on all legs and smiling softly to Luna. 

"Oh yeah, I don't plan to be second best. But right now, we've got dinner, so come on."

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