[AW+] Things have changed, but so have I
Open to anyone
[[Takes place in former Sapient territory]]

Derek scanned the land and adjusted his coat just a little as a puff of his own breath reminded him of the cold. The cold had never truly bothered him much before, his coat was thick enough to help with that. Lately though, he had begun to notice the crisp tones in the air more. Perhaps that came with age. Derek grunted and shook his head. He wasn't even that old, six was a respectable age. Still, he was older now than the last time he stood on these lands and spent time with others. It looked so different now. Kind of barren without the canines that had used to reside there. The buildings had fallen into disarray, crumbling down and would likely be a pain to rebuild if any pack wanted to reside here again. 

Scratching his neck, the white wolf walked to a spot he knew well. An old building where he and Constance had once lived together. It too, was damaged, the second floor had caved in and left only a pathetic looking shell behind. It made Derek's heart ache some, looking at the ruins of what he had once called his home. This is where he had found warmth, and the companionship of another. This is also where he returned when Krokar disbanded, having had nowhere else that he felt fit him right. It was where he had met Sophie, who had helped him with his grief by simply being his friend. Now...now it was just a reminder of what had been, there wasn't even a shade of a future here. 

Derek sighed and shook his head then looked towards his horse. He could ride it now with some confidence, and it carried what few belongings that Derek had to his name. It also had a wreath that Derek had made and had carefully brought here all the way from Alaska. That hadn't been easy. Though perhaps it helped that none of what looked like plant life was actually real. Just some clever stitching on his part, though he had mended it a few times during the trek back. It was simple, yet unique and Derek put it near the old doorway of his old home. As he set it down, it felt like a small weight lifted off of him. It wasn't a lot, but it was his way of moving on. Of saying goodbye to someone he now accepted he would never see again. 

This was no longer his home. There wasn't any future for him here. Maybe in another pack, or even as a part of a smaller band, but not here specifically, where only the ghosts of Sapient still lingered. Derek felt a soft nudge to his back and looked at his horse again, smiling a bit as he did. He offered his horse a reassuring pat before checking on the amount of food he had left. It might not hurt to make a few snares and catch some fresh meat. Though he didn't really want to linger here too long, he supposed he could make use of the old resources around him. That decided he gave his horse another pat and then went on the search for some materials that he could use to make some simple snares. 

555 words
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