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The days would blend together. Sun filtered through the decaying remnants of a fallen tree - best forgotten. No, t'was, when night entered the sky, did she wake. Unfurling herself like a bat, the canine stretched and begun to roam the wilds once more. Cruel would be the world that blinded her to its faults. Crueler still that she had allowed it for so long. Mother's death... both a blessing and a curse. Now she had no one to rely on. Now, she was quite free. Was that not something wonderful? She thought it is.

The bitch held nothing in her paws but potential. Like all things, her heart would beat to the rhythm of life - of blood. Once it stopped beating and flowing, she would litter the earth. Perhaps in two or three pieces - she didn't care - the victim of so many things but ultimately one or two. Two could be fun. One would be acceptable. So, no, she could not fear death. There'd be the anticipation of it. Excitement. The next great stepping stone of the beyond.

That is why she did not fear the proverbial Reaper. Well, one of the reasons anyway.

Some would. Some non-Luperci, simple beasties, would. Rue saw the power - sheer and raw - in their muscles. Their expanded limbs and eerie beauty were envied by the bitch. Even the simple joy of holding an object... She wanted it. But, alas, like all things... There'd be a good way and a right way. The good way is to find and ask. The right way was to be patient. Someone would come along. If you're Rue, you have a hidden little perfect way.

Luperci did not just give power away to the basic beasts. Some could, some would be glad. But she did not wish to make a pact with them. They were weak. They gave so freely that nothing would be left for them. So she did what she always would do; she hunted. Someone or something would come along at the right time. Tonight? Well, she came across a particular one. Rue could go up, tail wagging and barking a greeting -

But she played it cautiously. The scent of him reminded her of New Orleans. Swamp water. Bogs. Annoying chattering instincts buzz - buzz - buzz! -ing around her head. She followed the man through the foliage as he walked. Her blue eyes focused entirely on his dark-light contrast. One eye could be milky and useless. The other was a stark red compared to her pale blues. She was so very careful not to step on anything.

She needed to know what he was all about first.
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Spartacus had not spent much time outside of Salsola, but this was a special occasion. He had been lonely since his father, and siblings had been down in Portland while he was here, at home, basically by himself to roam and run free. While he never really had much restriction before, he had spent most of the last year within Salsola with very little to no adventures beyond the border. When others asked him why he did not leave Salsola as willingly as he once did, they were told by him that he did not "fraternize" with Outsiders. Someone might argue that he did not leave because it was safe within the borders of the Thistle Kingdom, and the last venture outside of Salsola had been more than enough to show him how unsafe it was. He would deny this.

He might have been embarrassed to have been taken advantage of by a certain blonde haired asshole that he would be damned if he ever ran across again. Spartacus had hate filled within him as he had left Salsola to do just that. He had time to think about what happened, to train, and to heal enough to where he thought that he might be able to go find that Flowery-smelling bastard. The only problem that he was coming across was that, even though he had found traces of the rose and blood scent of the male was around, he could not determine where the scent would lead to. Sometimes the trail disappeared, sometimes it popped back up at the most random times, he couldn't quite put his paw on the reason behind it other than maybe the fresh snow-fall, but he also felt as if the blonde dog was lingering around because he wanted to be found.

He'd been so focused on what he was scenting that he did not really notice being stalked in the bushes by another, and he wouldn't notice for some time, after having found the scent of a bobcat, he had gotten pretty distracted by that, and for a bit of time he had tried to find the cat, for it was on the younger side from what he could tell, and that meant that they would be more likely to run, and boy could he go for a good chase.

Sparta tracked the cat for about two miles through the dark forest, where the sunlight barely came through the thick branchy canopy. Sparta was unsure that other places like the Blackwoods had existed, and while this place did let in more sun, it still was shady, and the snow and branches had made it relatively easy for the male to hide amongst the shadows. The ghoul had would finally catch the scent of the cat going up a tree, so his seeing eye looked up to see the feline up it. Knowing that the cat probably saw him coming from some bit away Sparta came to the base of the tree, and started to bark at it.

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Note: Spartacus is blinded in his right eye as of June 2020. His eye appears to be a cloudy silver-ish color.

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