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[Image: spotlight.gif] Spotlight Soul
Willow Martel has settled into the Gang quickly following their arrival from Palisade! A youngster overcoming a rough-and-tumble past, Willow has gone from taking what he can to survive to making strides into truly becoming part of a larger group. Whether it's offering a helping hand, celebrating the pack's birthday, or just chatting up new or familiar faces, Willow can be found all over engaging in his community!

[Image: dcg.png] Featured Pack Adoptable
Born to an immigrant and a Portland native, Ciccio Agosti grew up in a largely social, busy household, giving him immense insight on bartering, speechcraft, and how to best make himself heard. Guided by his instinct and keenness for mercantile craft and innate conviviality, it wasn't long on his venturing further from his home before he came upon Alric Braithwaite, and taken in by the Braithwaite household in Palisade as a ward to better his crafts. Ever curious of what life has to offer, Del Cenere promises a green pasture and full coffers, garnering Ciccio's discerning eye and silver tongue.

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Summer set in gradually, but it feels like a sudden shift nonetheless. The days are long and sunny for the most part, but occasionally punctuated by a sharp temperature drop and severe thunderstorms. These don't feel like mild summer showers, but the debris and broken branches that result from high winds and lightning strikes still scatter readily when the weather turns warm again. The hot days are more tolerable by the region's ample coastline, or in the ample shade. The forests and mountains and beaches are abuzz with foraging prey. Things don't get much better than this, right?

Christmas in July

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