[AW] To return to the cold
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And that was it – she was in Salsola. Despite her nerves, her meeting with Salvia wasn’t that bad even though she did sense some kind of attitude problem from the respected leader. She supposed either she would bond with her or stay out of her way – but until she decided which she would do, she’d stay out of her way. She still had a lot to figure out in this new pack – what was she going to do? What rank would be wind up falling into? She was a good scout in Inferni, but she didn’t know if Salsola utilized scouts like Inferni did. Would she continue her gardening here as well?

What kind of question was that? Of course she’d continue her gardening here. Azucena smiled, shaking her head. Her gardening was what made her and it helped to further her on in life. Salvia would find something to do with her, even if she didn’t know herself. The Lykoi girl took temporary residence in the Millstone Village – picking a small vacant house. She kept her things in one room of the house, not bothering to really spread them out or put them away. She didn’t plan on staying here. She remembered Siv telling her she could live other places, but she needed to establish herself in the pack first – and that’s what she planned to do.

The girl had given the jars of poison to Siv to give to Salv (ha.), and brought her precious plants home with her. She did offer them to the queen as well, but they wouldn’t survive without her. She hadn’t gotten the chance to stick them in their garden or greenhouse yet, and decided to take care of them until then. The air outside was beginning to carry a heavier chill within it – and she would assume that winter had only been quickly approaching. Azucena put the Doll’s Eye plants on her porch, and tended to them there. The frost would soon kill them, but thankfully it wasn’t cold enough for that yet.

The young Lykoi woman bent, kneeling, over her plants digging her hands into their dirt to mix it up so that it wouldn’t get hard. The dirt used to gross her out, but now it’s like a habit for her; something she did regularly that didn’t bother her anymore. The watering can sat next to her as she dug through the dirt of her beloveds.

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