[P] A Shaking Hand
Dalgina was in her lupine form, her jewelry discarded. Sometimes it was nice to leave it behind. Yes, she left behind her ability to paint and the jewelry that she loved, but she was also free to run through the woods without care, and forget her worries as her instincts took over. Her instincts occasionally warned her to not trust Ovi, but the gentle tiger was such a sweet soul. She couldn't leave him behind. The tiger let out a roar that shook the forest as he ran, letting the power inside him loose. He was stronger than anyone she knew.

Desperately she raced to try and keep up, letting out growls whenever it looked like he was going to let her get ahead. It wasn't actually that difficult. Ovi outweighed her with strength, but they were matched in speed. It ended at the top of a hill when Ovi lost his balance, tumbling down. Dalgina followed right after, her leap ending in a slip. Claws scratched against each other as they scrambled to grip the ground. The smell of blood was in the air when they stopped, both laughing. Dalgina licked at the thin scratches on her body before turning to care for the ones that Ovi built, the tiger looking sympathetic. Sorry. Shaking her head she met his eyes. Not your fault. I got you pretty good myself.

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