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Niernan Stormbringer
Why can't the moon stay full forever? Right now she's got nothing on her mind.

Her scent had been unavoidable, it was all over the borders, so he knew that she was here but it was still a shock to see Colibri's pale daughter stood before the pack. The girl that hated him. He was getting kind of tired of hate, distrust and malice aimed his way, his days were plagued with thoughts of his cousins missing daughter, the mislike that Colibri's flowers aimed at him like an arrow, and now Grace's reappearance and the fear and anger that sparked. He feared that she was trying to take his children, he could believe it of her, she was cruel that way and though he was sure of his kids sensibilities he knew that they had both spoken to her. He couldn't stop the fear from settling in his heart. He had started to have nightmares and often awoke to headaches that carried over for hours into the day. Alongside all of his own deep seated fears and stresses was the worry for his mate; she had never truly recovered from the difficult birth of their children and she had remained weak. He had tried to help her; he had hunted for her, urged her to take walks and gentle exercise, but nothing seemed to have worked. He saw the life draining out of her every day and it terrified him. He couldn't lose her, just like he couldn't lose his twins; he would be unmade if that were to happen.

So now, standing to the side of the crowd, he stared at his mate and her daughter. His heart lurched uncomfortably in his chest when he looked at Florina. He wasn't even sure why she hated him. Yes he had witnessed her shame, but he had tried to help her, he had been nothing but kind to her until she snapped at him and he had snapped back. That was no basis for the resentment she seemed to bear him. His eyes widened in surprise as Coli stepped down and Florina was revealed as their new leader. He fixed his eyes on his mate, he saw the relief in her, she was glad to step down. He could see the benefits of this, but he could also see some of the problems Florina could encounter. By stepping down Coli was giving herself the opportunity to recover, she could spend more time with him and their family, and for that he was grateful, he could stop worrying about her so much, not that he would of course. Though he could see how this may displease some in the pack; Florina was young and unknown, she had run away after attacking her own mother and while both Colibri and Niernan had forgiven her long ago others may not see her as innocent. Also she had spent a long time in New Dawn, while they were not at odds with the feral pack they were not allied either, and many in Vinátta may remember the friendship that New Dawn had shared with Sangi'lak. Flori was strong, that was true, much stronger than her fragile mother, and her strength would be good for the Viking pack, if she could make herself trusted and liked. Without the support of the pack Florina would fail, and for Flori to gain the trust she might have to thaw some of her ice princess facade.

Florina's words about patrols made him bristle for a moment; what did she think they had been doing? Did she think they had been idle, sitting on their damned thumbs just waiting for Sóli to wander back home? Why was he so Gods damned tired all the time if he was patrolling regularly, why were his paws worn down and ragged? It was in that moment that he knew she still needed to learn about the pack, she had been away and she was not aware of what was going on. He flicked his ears back and looked away from the three females stood before the pack, looking for his brother or Palaydrian, wanting to see what they felt about Florina's announcement. He was a little shocked and jumped visibly when Shiloh's voice rose from the crowd, and just like that the title of Sannindi was passed from mother to daughter. He trained his gaze back onto Colibri, wanting nothing more than to take her into his arms now. He sighed, tired and feeling much older than his three years, not paying much attention to the rest of the words that came from Florina and Miskunn. He heard the announcement of the celebration of Skadi, a brief surge of excitement rising in his chest, though it faded quickly as he thought of his new doubled patrols. Perhaps Teagan, his hunter extraordinaire, would participate. That would be nice. And then Florina's final words hit his ears and he stood ramrod straight. It was in that moment that he became sure; he and Florina would clash. If she expected him to come running to her with news of Sóli rather than immediately pursue it she was sorely mistaken. He had already spent the last few weeks out there, looking for his niece, if he found evidence of her out there he was not running back home first; he was hunting her down and bringing her home. He suspected that disobeying his new Sannindi's orders would not go down well, but in that moment he didn't care.

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