[DND] [M] My Own Worst Enemy

Leon Bloodmane

“I…I wasn’t! I-It’s not!...” Leon clawed at his mind for the rights words to defend himself against Vesper’s accusation before lowering his head once more in order to avert his eyes in another direction. A long silence stretched until both canines reached the river bank. The calm flow of the stream melding in harmony with the songs of evening birds.

Leon looked over once more, again seeing the slightly smaller figure of the Inferni leader beside him, give or take a few paces away. All thoughts of his current situation seemed to disappear as a look of worry replaced his fearful mindset. The Hybrid looked to the water, and waded into one of the shallow parts, being ever so mindful of the darker bottomless middle which would have possibly been up to his neck in his optime form. With all four legs of his submerged, he quickly held his breath, and let his legs give way, plunging his entire form into stream.

Resurfacing, with most of the dried blood from his forehead washed away. Leon snorted out what little water went up his nose, and trudged back onto land where again he saw Vesper’s form patiently waiting for him. The male stared at her for a bit, his eyes unbelieving at what he was seeing before bravely going up to the woman, and gently nudging her shoulder with his nose.

Surprise and shock hit him, and Leon backed away a bit before simultaneously collapsing on the ground. He didn’t bother getting up even as the dirt beneath him clung to his soaked fur, which wouldn’t have been soaked at all if none of this was real.

“Sorry” He said solemnly. “I wanted to make sure you were real”

If not for his earlier session with Inila, Leon would have possibly been on the brink of tears. Instead the Hybrid just looked even more tired than he was before.

“It’s just… the nightmares… they get so real at times that… It’s easier just to stay awake”

Leon curled up and looked out towards the water, part of him hoping he WAS dreaming, given how pathetic he was acting in front of his Chief. Though another part of him hoped that he wasn’t, given his past experiences weren’t gentle on showing the many ways his leader and closest friend he had could die.

“Maybe it’s because you remind me so much about her…” Leon said to no-one in particular.

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