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Wild turkeys in Nova Scotia? I would think they'd do okay for themselves without humans about, no? I can change my post if this is unrealistic.


Light, fluffy behemoths crowded the sky, concealing the brilliant blue backdrop with shades of silver. The sun protested silently, forcing its warming rays through the scars and orifices of the clouds, but was ultimately pushed back and hidden leaving behind a world of muted light. Stagnant, humid air settled upon everything, leaving behind a sheen of moisture. The atmosphere itself felt unsettled and Milos couldn't help but wonder when the storm would hit.

Padding quietly through the forest, the bi-colored wolfdog panted uncomfortably as he searched for his next quarry. In the leather pack around his shoulder were two small, young rabbits - barely a meal for himself - and a fat squirrel. This wouldn't last them long and Milos knew it. He hoped that Sorcha was having better luck, though she had a knack for loud exclamations of triumph when she caught something worthwhile and he hadn't heard her since they set out separately some time ago. Looking up doubtfully at the clouds, he estimated they had a couple more hours yet before they were supposed to meet back at camp. Plenty of time, he hoped, for either of them to catch something of substance.

Pausing abruptly, black nose twitching in the air, Milos gazed out from around a formidable tree and caught sight of a magnificent wild turkey. He blinked several times to make sure he wasn't just imagining it. The last time he'd seen a wild turkey was before he made it into 'Souls; they were either really wily or hadn't proliferated as well as they had around Viburnum. Dagger in hand, the wolfdog stalked the avian as silently as he could, stopping frequently whenever it jerked its head or made a noise. This would put anything Sorcha caught to shame... if he could catch it.
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