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P. Messiah | The Dampwoods
OOC: D'awww! Thank you! I hope I don't seem too "wahwahfeelsorryforme" in my posts xD BTW, I just can't get over Messiah. He just seems like such a great character to play :D Let me know if anything needs changing.


You'll be forgiven said the coyote with a twisted grin. All Milos could focus on was "forgiveness." What did forgiveness feel like? Would he truly be? Forgiven? Chaska had encouraged him to end his life, Ulick had fought with him before he took his. But regardless, both canines had ended up the same: dead. Did forgiveness equal death? Was this coyote - Messiah - destined to kill him?

Shaking, the bi-colored wolfdog gnashed his teeth, clouds of foam beginning to foam at the corners of his mouth while his orange eyes gazed wildly at the mud-coated coyote. Milos wasn't prepared to die. Chaska may have been, but there were still things the black-and-white wolfdog needed to - wanted to - do.

The strike to Milos' nether regions caused the wolfdog to gasp inwards, filling his originally devoid lungs with fresh air, before letting it out again in a pained howling yelp. The cry echoed long and wide, filling the atmosphere with horrid, bestial sounds until a different sort of pain zoned in at his shoulder. The attack on his gonads had sent Milos jutting forward, drawing Messiah's teeth from his face to his shoulder, where the coyote's sharp canines connected with soft, muscly flesh. The pain of the attack was dulled from the adrenalin but the reality was still front and center in Milos' mind: attack, pain, danger, escape. Struggling under the weight of the coyote, the wolfdog snapped and snarled, releasing forth cries of alarm and help.

From somewhere not too far away, a silver wolf had been patiently stalking an unsuspecting squirrel. A single, rounded ear twitched before a feminine head lifted abruptly and twisted towards the location of a nearby cry. It sounded familiar - too familiar - and presently, almost reluctantly, she abandoned her hunt to focus on the sound. Again, this time more pronounced and clear, and Sorcha dashed forward with a snarl.
As unfortunate as it was, she knew that cry almost intimately, the realization of which made her feel cold with fear. Crashing through thickets and brush, Sorcha tumbled into the clearing where a coyote was dominating her companion, and produced a deep, threatening growl.

Unable to contain herself, the larger wolf launched at the coyote with a bark, snapping and snarling in an attempt to connect tooth with flesh. It didn't matter much to her if she killed the bastard, so long as her friend was out of harm's way.
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