[DND] And the mother we share
will never keep your proud head from falling

Set in Skip Caves in Shiloh Hills. Lupus form. EXCITED. ♥

See galleries for credit.

Miles and weeks from New Brunswick, an early September sun shone high and warm over the rocky meadowlands. Summer crouched defensively over the peninsula, jealously refusing to relinquish its grip -- but the goats and rabbits that browsed and lolloped over the whale-shaped drumlins did not seem to mind. Nor did the small mongrel hobbling quickly over the grass.

Restless by nature, Jehan broke away from his companion as soon as he could, leaving Jairus as the old trader butchered a goat. He still felt like a puppy stealing away from his guardian to cause mischief -- only Jairus had ceased warning him to return before dark. While Jehan's adulthood hadn't really changed their dynamic, he knew he was free to do what he wanted. He just clung to the idea of a father to come home to. For Jairus' sake, of course; the trader needed him more than he needed the trader. Definitely.

Jehan galloped the hills on three legs, unhindered by the phantom paw that struck the ground along with the rest. He turned on a dime and sped after a rabbit, then abandoned chase when it vanished into its warren. High-energy, he shoveled at the mouth of the burrow with one paw then sniffed and limped along another trail. A larger den yawned in the earth, and when Jehan ducked down into it, he was greeted by the scent of earth and rock and the distant burble of an underground river.

Eyes dilated and eager, the small dog submerged into the cave and set to exploration.

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