[DND] And the mother we share
will never keep your proud head from falling


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Terror or disgust twisted her face as she abruptly shooed him, her eyes upon him as if some flesh-eating sickness visibly clung to him even now. His lips twitched in the makings of a retort -- Oh no, it's super frickin' contagious -- but with cruel words and a last remark she silenced that. Slowly, his blunt muzzle jumped downward as turquoise eyes took stock of his stunted, crippled frame.

He all but fully ignored her as she grumbled more and fluffed dust from her fur, horror dawning on his face. All at once he fell into a heap, pathetically wriggling on the floor of the cave (throwing up more dirt in the process) and lamented his own situation. I thought I was exploring, but I forgot that I was a cripple! he whined, and wriggled his stump for effect. He attempted to stand up but lost his balance with an exaggerated teeter and crashed back next to her. You'll have to get both us out of here, I can't walk!

Then he barked a laugh and rolled over onto his back. Shit, I don't know. What about you? It's such a dark place, you might catch phantom limb. Unless I got confused and you are helping lil' ol' me? He flashed her a shit-eating, upside-down grin.

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