[DND] And the mother we share
will never keep your proud head from falling

Jehan paused again as she dipped down to paw at the "gross" cavern floor, his tail waving back and forth like an ambivalent metronome. He could have walked on without her, but that didn't seem really gentlemanly. Like she would expect it of a random hobo. He smiled, then smiled wider at her challenge.

Aw, come on, you're askin' for a miracle and I'm fresh out of those for today, the dog said, turning around. In his small Lupus form and too lazy to shift, he couldn't do much -- but for show, to be a jester, he reached and grabbed one of the stones in his mouth. He tossed it up, then lifted a paw to smack -- er, juggle -- it, rearing onto hind paws in the process. The rock clattered down as expected, leaving a small depression in the softer dirt on the cave floor. He stuck his tongue out at the girl and waggled it briefly before she point-blank asked him the question.

His smile faded into solemnity. He stared at her and swept his tongue once over his lips, tasting the last traces of dirt. Demon bit it off, he said with a distinct lack of mocking or humor. It was the truth. (Had to be the truth.) It wormed its way into my mother's soul, and -- I was little, and, it. His mouth moved wordlessly for a second or two, and he finished with less conviction. It's not -- easy, biting a leg off. Even if you're a... baby. It takes... chewing. But I would've died, and. Well. He blinked then smiled at her, some old humor and color returning to his voice. She liked me better after, I guess. Said I was like my grandpa.

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