[P] did the wine make her dream

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He'd heard of a Vináttan come to the borders with gifts or items to trade -- and sought her out now, friendly and eager. He was happy to meet anyone new and provide a good impression of Krokar, or at least make friends. He, too, wanted to learn a little more about Farina's pack and perhaps ask this trader how she was doing.

Octavius wasn't certain where the trader had set up "shop" and so merely wandered what parts of the territory he thought most protected, where she might be trusted. The village was one such place -- a vulnerable area, but one with the most traffic. And he was a good guardian, one who'd proven himself before; there wouldn't be trouble.

When he grew confused and tired of looking, the great white behemoth paused and let up a howling bark, asking where she might be.

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