[P] did the wine make her dream

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A shape stirred at the edge of his vision -- and Octavius wondered why he hadn't smelled her or her alcohol. He watched her as she stood, unsteady on her feet but jolly in her approach. She wavered when she reached him, lovely blue eyes set in a tilted head peering at him. He grinned broadly in hopes she would not be frightened by his height, but she introduced herself and thrust out a small hand in greeting.

Carefully, Octavius took it -- dwarfed in his own fingers, which grasped hers delicately. He was a gentle giant -- and while clumsy in his own actions, he was very careful around other, smaller Luperci. I'm Octavius Poer de Angelo, he said in parallel to her own greeting, of Krokar. Which, uhhh, you already know, I guess. His smile was crooked and awkward, but he dropped her hand and beamed down at her.

It's good to meet you! he woofed. I -- my friend Farina is from Vinátta. Er, lives in Vinátta. She's an -- Ar-uh-dee.

Realizing that he was making a fool out of himself, his already slow and slurred speech further butchered, he scratched at the nape of his neck and cleared his throat as if announcing he was starting over. So you're -- uh, a trader? Whatcha got? He smiled again, friendly but tentative.

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