[P] did the wine make her dream


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A laughing snort flared from her nostrils, but her cream face and blue eyes were not unkind. She was very pretty, if clearly a bit tipsy. He wasn't the most adept at reading others, but sloppy speech and booming volume was evidence enough she'd dipped into her own wares. More resolute about being careful around her, he chuckled then pricked small ears at mention of his pal.

Well, I'm way taller, bu I think she could kick my butt if she wanted, Octavius boasted. Their last match in the sea had ended in panting and weak shoves, a tie if there ever was one, but Octy doubted it would be the same were he on her bad side. But, um, we met when I was -- I was alone and, I was a bit down and just needed a friend, he said, speech a bit more rushed and slurred and clumsy as a result. So she showed up. Like an angel or something. His grin was huge and twisted in the irony of his words; Farina would just chastise him for comparing her to the supernatural like he seemed to have a habit of doing everything else. But yeah, she's -- she's great, he added, and blew air from his jowls because his face was oddly hot. Was he standing in the sun?

Flamboyant, Carya pranced from their meeting place to her goods, speaking of wine and drawing another short laugh from the giant. Yeah, sure. I'm a lightweight, um, with alcohol. He physically restrained tongue between teeth before he clumsily babbled about weight, and crossed muscled arms over a broad chest self-consciously. I -- wow, I don't actually really have anything to trade, he realized and confessed, lifting a hand to rub at his neck.

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