[P] did the wine make her dream

544how did i write 500 words WHAT??

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She flirted and teased at him and accused him of a crush on her best friend, all seemingly within the same breath -- leading to a very flustered Octavius. He puffed his jowls again and waggled his head at her in weak denial. Yes. I-I mean -- she would. Crush -- crush me if I called her that. He rubbed at his neck.

Then the mammoth of a man realized that he was behaving like a hormonal teenage boy discussing a girl previously believed to bear cooties, and all at once he erupted in booming laughter.

Though he all but squirmed under her attentions, from the misconstrued patting of furs to her odd endearment, Oct knew that this was a game. It was one he was unused to playing, scarred by what had happened with his brother. He hadn't flirted with a girl much since Everly, and even then that had been easy. He hadn't known her -- had wanted to get to know her, but she'd been whisked off elsewhere, and he hadn't really a chance. It was easy that way.

It could be easy like that with Carya. Farina, maybe not, but it was best if he didn't think about it. Give the moths in his belly a rest.

Albino? Octavius echoed, and raked his mind for a definition of the word. He shook his head even as he seated himself on the fur, the fire touching his fur to red and gold. No, just white with red eyes. He tapped his nose. Black here, and on my paws. And black if you cut all my fur off, too. That's -- not the same. He hadn't known an albino, but they were colorless instead of painted with blood and charcoal like Octy. The same loner he'd heard about them from had insisted they weren't wholly wolf, either, avoiding the sunlight and staying in the shadows. It was the type of story one would tell in Anathema.

A mew alerted him to the presence of a cat, and he smiled at the introduction. Hi, he woofed gently at the feline, and turned his gaze back to Carya. This time he grinned at her teasing, and shrugged broad shoulders. After my -- I mean, uhh. Already off to a bad start, he hesitated and gathered his thoughts, brow wrinkling with the effort. He knew how to herd them, but they were slow-moving, and happy to mingle at the edges of his mind rather than brought together neatly. Stubborn and wild and slow as caribou. I just kinda bumped into these guys. It wasn't anything special. I wanted a place to... to... belong. Luperci to spend time with.

He smiled and reached for one of the wine bottles, pouring it lightly into his jaw. I was born in Anathema, but me 'n' my brothers left. Wasn't a good place -- um, for me, I guess. Maybe not them, neither. We left a year before we came back, and an old guy trained me to fight, and that's what I do here. I mean, protect people. He licked his chops and caught tongue between front teeth, poking it out at her. What about you, dollface? he asked, but laughed.

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