[P] did the wine make her dream
lol Octy is so cute!! ;D that was a gorgeous post, btw!

Octavius was large in comparison to the small five foot-almost-nothing, Carya, but in the same sense he was much like a small timid child. She couldn't help but lift her ears and listen to him stable whenever she had said he was crushing on Farina, then she giggled. A small white hand was placed over her mouth so that he might not feel so awkward about it, but secretly; Carrie wished she could make him feel more awkward. And suddenly, he bursted out with laughter and Carrie couldn't help but feel like she should laugh as well, it was more girlie and a lot less booming, but a laugh nonetheless.

When he stated that he was not albino, she cocked a head at him the reached a hand up to scratch at her neatly parted mane atop her head, before humming in we throat then laughing. silly me! she exclaimed, a gentle grin on her face dancing against the red and yellow of the fire. Watching his coat change colors, it mesmerized her and although she wanted to reach out and stroke his coat, she stopped herself and just laughed again, taking another swig of the wine- becoming braver by the alcohol digested. i wonder what you would look like shaved. she wondered out loud and then raised an eyebrow at him, ears flickering. i have some sheep sheers. she stated, jokingly.

Although the sight of him as a black naked man with no fur to clothe his body, was a hilariously twisted thought, she couldn't help but say; just kiddin'. holding her hands up in fake retreat, as if he would try and playfully hurt her. She listened to his words about growing up in Anathema, and otherwise and she couldn't help but ask him more questions. Whos your brother-brothers? then would approach his term of calling her doll face with a small grin and a wag of her tail.

I was born and raised in Vinatta. Farina and her siblings were t play-mates as a child, so like- ya know. she shrugged her shoulders, them continued. I have known her for a long time... I got a bunch of siblings too. Claudius, my brother in Aniwaya- I think. she scratched we head then laughed a bit. Pretty much I got a bunch of brothers! I have one sister and her name is Andi- actually it's Andria. gulp, then swallow of the alcohol, deep breath. Continue. My momma's are Anu and Tayui Aston, maybe you know them? even if he did not, she was just talking... and talking.

Sorry if I talk a lot. she giggled nervously followed by a nervous hiccup. Now I am a trader for Vinatta and love to explore... an awkward silence pressed, and she flickered her ears taking a drink. She poked her tongue back out at him, a reaction slowed from te alcohol but nonetheless hilarious as she then quickly licked her chops.
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