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It was really happening, it was not simply a possibility that were being talked of so much but now and after all that had happened in recent weeks it were now a reality. Cercatori D'Arte had officially disbanded and those who wished to were relocating to a new - hopefully safer - home, but with the number of pack member's dwindling and the murders - and attempted ones - that had occured it were little doubt that such a thing as this were happening. Better to find a 'home' that was safe for it's members and had plenty of food for all compared to harm always coming to them and not having to also compete for a steady food supply either, hopefully then everything will start to improve. Until then though it were the task of packing up all their things that would be taken to their destination that would consume everyone's time until the day arrived that they would need to move on. Not that Ares had much trouble with his meagre belongings, luckily the majority of which - aside from his banjo, bow & arrows - were generally small items; enough so that he were capable of storing them within the fabric in which served as the grey male's bag for the trip.

It had been after he had taken the short time in which to sort out his own things that Ares dared to allow himself to consider just where he may be of use next, though it had not taken much thought for his mind to wander to a couple of others in particular who may just appreciate such an offer. His mind had wandered to Elsie and her aunt, Ares could only imagine that both Henamin females had quite a lot of things in which to pack up so it wouldn't hurt to offer such a thing right? Well; that was what Ares kept had kept telling himself at the very least, over the last few days he had noticed a surprising change in behavior in Elsie towards him which not only surprised Ares but - strange as it was - saddened the knight male in some way.

It had actually seemed that Elsie were seemingly angered at Ares for some reason of her own, one which even he struggled to find out just what had been the cause of such a thing. Though, Ares knew that after his mother had found out about his multiple meetings with that loner at the borders she had alerted others to this to avoid the same misunderstanding - but that could not be the reason for the younger Hennamin female to be angry at him could it? Well at the very least that was what Ares hoped as he traversed the distance to his own home to that of the Hennamin pair, only becoming somewhat more cautious as he grew closer to their home and climbed the steps iun which led to the door. Only upon reaching the door did did Ares raise a forepaw and knock upon the wooden structure; mostly in the hopes that either someone was home or if not somewhere close enough to have noticed his pressence. "Hello? Elsie? Are you home?" Ares called, albeit with a certain degree of nervousness evident in his voice. Of course he did dread to think just what may or may not happen but then again Ares just hoped he were over reacting.

There was only one way to find out right?
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Ares will usually be in his Optime form and will often be seen wearing a clear quartz arrowhead necklace unless otherwise stated.

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