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Draugr is by Alaine!

The closeness of the northern pack was deceptive. Draugr waited at the border, her breath pluming up into the air in small silver clouds. She had yet to call for anyone; she was busily taking in the measure of this pack's lands. There were no skulls as their easterly neighbors boasted, and Draugr did not feel as at-ease and welcomed as she had in the far south with Miqui, when she'd trekked to AniWaya with him. Perhaps that was due to the scents she detected -- two, in particular.

This place had interested her for some time: the distance between their packs was, at one point, small enough so that a Salsolian in the northwestern corner of their territory could her the Vinátta canines howling on especially quiet and clear nights. And now, standing a respectful bystander's distance away from their threshold, the earthen-hued woman could smell her own father. Her mother had spoken of trading this pack, but Draugr herself had not known Reykr was here.

The second disquieting smell was that of the Alessandra canine -- removed from Salsola, she was family-turned-outsider. Dra's breath quickened as she considered that pair. She had come to trade, but information was just as good -- she did not think either of them so dangerous they needed watching, but they were former Family cast out, privy to the Salsolian secrets they worked so hard to keep. Her own scent spoke nothing of her homeland -- Draugr smelled strongly of mint, a sweeter undertone provided by the lemon balm. It was an easy scent to use, considering its growth -- their stores of it would last through winter, at least. Its prolific growth also meant it was an easy fallback for the lazy canine, and so Draugr had only augmented the spearmint base.

The hybrid might have been a little embarassed by the offerings strapped to Dyrne's back. A few of her mother's lesser works, though not entirely without beauty. She had taken jars of tallow and oil from the communal storage. Of her own goods, she brought nothing. Draugr had precious few possessions in comparison with many of her pack. Her home was barren and free of ornament. She herself wore only a battered leather skirt, well-worn and well-used, and her typical ornaments. For a Salsolian, it was not much -- but to a feral Luperci, she might have been bedecked with junk.

And now -- she would offer junk for junk, and hope information came along with it in the process. Tilting her coal-hued muzzle back, the woman called for attention.

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