Favourite Character Idea?
Join a pack to have a new life/family.
Employment as a mercenary or bodyguard.
Peaceful vagabond looking for friendship.
Non-Verbal Autism.
Hip Dysplasia/Joint damage.
No defect.
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Help with new Character?
Taken Kiri's points in, and now I've made it so that the mask is almost an emotional trigger for Yata. Because of who gave it to him, and their kindness etc, Yata finds it relaxing to wear, almost therapeutic. He doesn't wear the mask unless he needs that kind of support, it's like his safety blanket, that he only puts on when really upset or angry in the hopes of calming himself down. I think it sounds like a good use of the mask, helps create some symbolism of what it represents for Yata, and could lead to fun writing :D

I've also completed his character completely now, including a 2000+ word long history that just got way out of hand. I'd love it if I could get opinions on his history, if it sounds alright/plausible or any additions and changes that might make him even more interesting. I'm so close to being ready to unless the tiny Shiba Inu baby, and I'm very grateful for all the help so far in refining this character :D <3

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<a href="#" class="apparel-accessories" title="Wears a wooden or bronze Bird-Skull Helmet, an a dark black cloak lines with feathers."></a>
<a href="#!" target="_blank" title="Yata speaks Japanese, denoted by<Brackets>. When they speak English, it is heavily accented." class="foreign-language"></a>
<a href="#!" class="accompaniment" title="Yata is typically accompanied by his brother, Totoro, and Borudo, his crow."></a>
<a href="#!" class="strong-prejudice" title="Yata has a strong prejudice against Females, and those with lighter coats."></a>
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<a href="#!" class="skill-social" title="Yata is skilled in having no social skills."></a>
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