03. Joining Info & Example
Becoming a Member

Pre-Joining Process

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  1. Reading: Read the Rules and Plot pages! Browsing parts of the RP Guide is also a good idea -- check the page tags to the right hand side and look for "Beginner" articles. If you're totally lost as to how to join, check the Quick and Dirty guide. Also make sure you read this page, our Joining information; it's especially important!
  2. Character: You should have a basic idea for a character -- age, appearance, personality. You will need to fill in your character's forum profile as part of the application process.
    • NOTE: If the prospect of creating a new character is overwhelming, check the Open Characters for adoptable characters. Adoptables generally come with on-board family or old friends, and this may help you to find plot and thread opportunities!
  3. Registering an Account: When you're ready to join, register an account under your character's name. This should be their full, "legal" name and must be properly capitalized and spaced. Please do not include titles or nicknames in the account name. If you need your account name changed, post in the Maintenance Thread: do not re-register.
  4. Pack: We recommend new members join packs. Check the Game Statistics for some numbers, and check the Active Pack Summary. If you're not sure or you can't make up your mind, you may join as a Loner and join a pack later, of course.
  5. Questions?: Check out our FAQ -- it has an extensive section on joining! Any specific questions you have may be posted to the Questions & Help forum or private messaged to a moderator or administrator.

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