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We strongly suggest all newcomers carefully read over the information contained within this topic and other important game information: your chances of acceptance are partially determined by your capability to follow direction! If you're lost and confused, the Quick and Dirty Guide is where you should start -- it even has a joining checklist for you. If there are any points you're not clear on, check our FAQ on joining! If that doesn't help, we encourage you to ask! :) 'Souls community is friendly and helpful, and you'll find yourself with some direction before long!

Prospective members should be aware that 'Souls is, at heart, a writing game -- we appreciate good writing! :) New members should be able to write at at least an American high school level. New members should also be aware that 'Souls does require a fair amount of reading from members, too! Reading is an important part of roleplaying, and 'Souls has a fair amount of information necessary for an enjoyable roleplaying experience here.

Again, we strongly encourage you to read carefully and ask questions if you have them! :) Welcome!

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