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Joining Application Example

1. Character Name: Bobjoe McWolf
2. Character Birthdate (including year): 30 July 2018
3. Sex: Male
4. Species: Wolfdog (25% Grey wolf, 75% retriever mix)
5. Is your character a Luperci?: Yes
6. Other 'Souls Characters: N/A
7. How you found 'Souls?: Googled "werewolf RPG" and found 'Souls among the list~
8. Are you joining a pack?: Not yet, I will decide in-game.
9. If joining a pack, are you joining IC or OOC?: OOC
10. Profile: [link]

Bobjoe's profile should be filled according to the application details (sex, species, date of birth, Luperci status), along with the three additionally required sections (Appearance, Personality, Biography), shown below. Other profile fields, like Relations and NPCs, are not required.

Appearance: Bobjoe would be considered small for a wolf, but his dog heritage shows through clearly in his half-folded ears, nearly uniform tan coat, and slightly wavy fur. The tan color lightens a little on his underside and on his arms and legs, where the fur's a little shaggier. There's also some dark speckling in these areas, and his eyes are a deep forest green. Bobjoe has a a number of small, barely noticeable scars along his muzzle; a much longer and more prominent scar runs across his left flank, indicative of an old knife wound. He walks with a noticeable limp, but it doesn't seem to slow him down much.

Bobjoe spends most of his time in his unshifted Lupus form. On occasion, he might be found in his Optime form to make use of hands, but still, he eschews even the smallest signs of humanization, preferring to go entirely unadorned -- no clothes, no collars or necklaces, no belts or bags or satchels. Though much slower and a little awkward, Bobjoe will sometimes move on all fours even in his Optime form, crawling over trees or rocks like a primate. He might run in an upright position, but more likely, he would shift back to a four-legged form for that.

Personality: Bobjoe is a taciturn fellow, preferring to listen and observe more than anything else. He often allows others to speak at length, taking his time to form his own opinions and words. His quietness should not be mistaken for demureness, however; the wolfdog has a sure confidence and self-sufficiency and has no patience for arrogance or presumptuousness on the part of others. He is respectful of authority and generally does not take issue with deferring to those in higher ranks as long as he perceives them as being deserving of their positions.

Bobjoe won't tolerate abuses of power, but he is not an open rebel. Rather than clash with abusers directly, he prefers to covertly rescue any victims he can, and then to flee quietly into the night. When he does speak, it's always with a firm, steady voice, something difficult to argue against or debate with. This surety is often intimidating, and Bobjoe is aware that he comes off as such. His voice and demeanor are commanding and dominant, and attempts to appear kinder and more easy-going are generally awkward at best and borderline threatening at worst. Still, he means well and tries his best.

Biography: Bobjoe grew up in a relatively reclusive pack whose territories were nestled in a small, hidden valley in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains. While their ancestry was of the wolf and wild; over time and generations, their appearance became more and more doggish. Still, the pack kept to their roots, sticking to their four-legged forms and traditional lifestyles though they gradually forgot the time before they gained the ability to shift. Their two-legged form was simply unnecessary and uninteresting to them, and they were content to maintain the old ways.

Unfortunately, this left them ill-equipped to clash with the invaders that found their valley. The enemies that came, came in riding horses and wielding long, pointed weapons with a much longer range than mere teeth. They struck from a distance, but were formidable up-close as well -- though they made use of blades and knives, they were not lacking in teeth and claws, either. Bobjoe's pack did not last long, and those who were not killed outright became separated and scattered.

Unable to locate and reunite with the other remnants of his pack, Bobjoe traveled through areas and territories unknown for a time, taking in the vast breadth of Luperci communities across the continent. Still, knowing that he had no home to go back to, he eventually tired of wandering and now hopes to find a new place to settle.

Tips and Notes

Make sure you've grabbed the joining form from the Joining forum.
  • Character Name: This should match your forum account name. If you need your account name changed, you may do so via your User Control Panel. A staff member will need to approve the request before your account reflects the change. Please do not register a new account.

  • Character Birthdate: This should be relative to the current, actual time -- for example, if your character is two years old and the current year is 2021, your character would have been born in 2019. For an age and maturity chart, refer to the RP Guide. The minimum playable character age is 7 months unless the character was born on-board and adopted.

  • Character Species: Species should make sense given your character's biography and the game's playable area (Eastern Canada) -- for example, if you're playing a jackal, you should explain how a African species got to North America. We provide a detailed Species Guide, complete with maps and information about individual species. Purebred dog breeds are not allowed and should not be referenced in your character's direct ancestry. General references to breed mixes, such as "Borzoi mix" are acceptable. Your character can have the appearance and characteristics of a purebred; they just can't actually be a purebred.

  • Luperci: You must state whether or not your character is a Luperci. Note that your character can join as a non-Luperci and become one later. Species outside the genus Canis, such as foxes, cougars, bears, etc, cannot be Luperci.

  • Pack: State whether or not you want to join a pack. If you can't come to a decision, that's fine! Join the game as a Loner first, and choose your pack later.

  • If joining a pack, are you joining IC or OOC? There are two methods of joining a pack: you may opt to join the pack as a part of your game application (OOC) or you can join the pack In Character (IC).

  • Profile: Please fill out your profile to match the character sex, birthdate, species, and Luperci status given in your application. Additionally, the Appearance, Personality, and Biography sections are required and should each be a minimum of 200 words. The other portions of the profile are optional.

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