03. Joining Info & Example
Becoming a Member

Post-Acceptance Process

  1. If you're joining as a Loner, start considering your pack -- check the Active Pack Summary for a list of current packs as well as a brief overview of their culture, territory claim, and so forth.
  2. You must create or join an in character thread within five days of your acceptance. If you're not sure where to get started, pick up an Open Thread -- or start one! You can also make a Thread Request. If you're joining a pack, get to know some members of that pack -- look out for pinned meeting threads, all welcome hunts, and other group threads to meet a few members quickly.
  3. Expand your character profile! You can edit your profile in the UCP, add your character to the Wiki, or make a thread in the Post and Graphic Logs forum. Modifying Your Profile can help you figure out what you need to do.
  4. Removal based on inactivity is done at the discretion of 'Souls Assemblage, which conducts regular sweeps. Accounts are not deleted, and you can always rejoin later.
  5. You may create either a Post Log or a simple list of the threads you're a participant in to help keep track of your threads. Post either a link to your log in the Post and Graphic Logs forum or keep a simple list in your forum profile.

More Information

  1. Writing Guidelines -- Check here for some guidelines about what we expect from prospective members.
  2. Quick and Dirty Guide to 'Souls -- If you're confused as to what to do to join the game, check this out!
  3. Joining Etiquette Guide -- The guide to In Character behavior when joining a pack.
  4. Active Pack Summary -- If you're not sure which pack to join, this topic may help you! It presents all the packs we have side by side for easy comparison.
  5. Joining Questions? -- Check the FAQ!

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