[P] I remember on the days of the forest and the fray


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A barren landscape of stumps and weedy growth stretched between Faizel and the expanse of glittering blue water of the lake. It was an odd sight -- strange and unnatural, but the logged field was not the same as the trees felled from the earthquakes and the screaming wind. At some point, exploring down the shore, the Sapien found an old building and evidence of old, rusted blades and other things that might have come alive to eat trees in the days before Luperci; she’d stopped to scavenge, but decades had looted all but the most rotten logs and rusted, broken tools from the sawmill.

Finished with her exploration, hot from labor and investigating musty buildings, the wolf-jackal padded to the northern shore of the lake, glancing out. Small docks had fallen away into the water, and cattails and flowering rushes sprang up along the bank. Greenery -- algae and duckweed and other questionably-scented things -- floated on the water’s surface, disturbed from time to time by flickers of fish coming up to investigate bugs on the surface.

It was a peaceful sight, but Faizel felt more restless than at peace. She sighed and settled down on a stone at the water’s edge, letting her legs dangle and her feet touch the cool surface. She shut her eyes as the wind ruffled her white hair, breathing in the scent of the lake -- and, she found, of the packlands beyond. Slowly, she opened her eyes again.

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