[P] There's a bad man in everyone, no matter who we are
For Vicira

Word Count → 292 :: Set in the Dampwoods between Anathema and Inferni.

The time Redtooth spent in Anathema had been pleasant. It was not his intention to call his stay within their community short -- not just yet. But after a day or so, Red felt the desire to explore the territories surrounding the pack's claim. If he were to make a more permanent residence, he felt he would need to be keenly familiar with the landscape and terrain. He would stick close, perhaps he would only stray a few miles, so he could return easily. So when he rose that morning after pawing the sleep from his eyes, Redtooth dawned his torn polyester jacket and he slung the satchel containing his most prized wares, his tobacco, over his shoulder. Pleasant stay or not, he didn't trust anyone at Anathema enough to not steal from him just yet.

He started by heading to the southwest with his back to Anathema's claim. The sun was just peeking over the horizon when he made it to the Dampwoods. Though he did not know the name of the territory in which he began to explore, Redtooth could have ascertained why the wood was named the way it was. Everything was wet, and compounded with the recent snowfall, it made his trek miserable. The snow and the damp earth mixed, making a light brown slush that clung to Redtooth's exposed ankles.

Looking down at his freezing legs, Redtooth grimaced. After placing a hand on a nearby conifer, Redtooth bent down. With his free hand he started to scrape the slush clinging to his legs. His satchel began to slide from his shoulder, and it soon fell into the snow with a plop. The dried and shredded tobacco inside spilled out into the snow. Redtooth swore in frustration. "Oh fuck!"

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