[AW] Could I? Should I?
Tacet is exploring the D'Neville Mansion!
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And then a man walked out the door. Tacet's bright cyan eyes met a pair of muted green ones. She had to tilt her head to meet his eyes because she was so short due to her jackal blood. She didn't know what to do since she felt a bit awkward using her board. Should she wave at him or something? The Calico girl was a bit scared of using her board in front of strangers since they didn't know she was mute. It was scary for her, seeing their confusion as she wrote instead of spoke.

And then the coyote asked if the coy-jackal brought breakfast. She was confused since she had nothing to suggest food on her. No bags or anything. Di she smell like food? The huntress didn't know. But then she remembered what the coyote woman had said when she joined. Something about keeping her fox with her so that none of the hunters got it. People ate foxes? She would never think of such thing! A somewhat scared and shocked reaction crossed her face as she realized that the vulpine creatures were thought as food.

"You eat me? Can't catch me! Slow 'yote!" Mercury hooted as he took off from the hybrid's shoulder. Stranger 'yote couldn't fly! He was safe from being a meal! The saw-whet didn't stray far from his comrades, staying above them. But he was out of Stranger 'yote's claws which was good. But what about Oranger-fur? Could the oranger-furred canine escape.? He hoped that he could

Stellio shook his head. "I am not your breakfast." The fox said calmly as he glared up at the man. He was twice as fast as the lumbering giant and he would be damned if the man caught him. And then he glanced up at the tri-colored vixen's shocked face. Apparently, she didn't know that foxes were prey. But the tod had been chased before and he knew his place on the food chain.

And then the craftswoman started writing on her chalkboard, finally gathering her wits.

My name is Tacet Calico and this is my fox, Stellio and my owl, Mercury. I'm new to Inferni and I'm just exploring."

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